Monday, April 13, 2009

My Happy Self

I've had too many reasons to be sad. Too many scenarios playing out in my brain of less than favorable outcomes. Despite my wish to stay centered. But today, this glorious day, I intentionally attend to the rebirth of my happy self. Today, life is all about me. In the most positive of selfish ways.

My happy self does not require shopping sprees and chocolate to rise to the surface. It requires time alone and time with Nature. It requires flowers and semi-precious stones and rose petal tea by the pot full. My happy self requires time to focus inward. Time for silence. Time to read at a leisurely pace and discover just which form of yoga and just which stone will re-open the channels of chi. My happy self loves color. To wear, to eat and to drink. It also loves naps with cats.

It's time to be happy, I tell myself. Springtime and the longer light of day has come. There are so many more reasons to be happy than sad. Today, I choose the reasons to be happy~ love, the color cherry red, cameras, smoked salmon quiche, garnets and malachite, orchids and roses, the silent peace of angels and God.

In the most positive of selfish ways, I welcome you back, my happy self.


  1. Welcome back happy you! I wonder why we always forget that happiness is a choice. Are we so conditioned by life to believe it's out of our control?

    Thanks for reminding us of our choices Graciel. I'm thinking pink cherry blossoms and bright ribbons wrapped around spring flowers!

  2. I hear you, and I hear your happiness :) There aren't actually very many people who know what makes them happy. Good for you for persuing it and knowing what it is to create a happy day for yourself. Sending you love,

  3. I'm sharing your smile. Enjoy your tea. :)

  4. "There are so many more reasons to be happy than sad. "So true!

    By the way, your two thrill seekers are beautiful! You've gotta love those little big messages of the universe :)



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