Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Door To Unknown

Sometimes I hate how the Universe loves me. In my quest to overcome the internal blockage of chi, I've asked the Powers that Be to help me move beyond some persnickety fears. You know the ones I mean. The "flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-into-the-unknown" fears, as my friend Lynn so aptly says. So while I was calmly sitting on my living room floor, pawing through my tumbled stones, books open to explanations of chakras, the Universe loved me up in a surprising way.
It started with the brothers, Buddha the Brave (who usually isn't) and Remmington, the black prince of fun and destruction. While reading about the yellow chakra and fingering some tumbled tiger's eye, I noticed Buddha saunter into my teeny tiny bathroom at the end of the hall. He immediately sat in front of a little door. A door I've opened only twice and promptly shut both times. It's a cupboard-size door that gives access to the bathtub plumbing and God knows what else. With 2 deft swipes of his buff-colored paw, the door popped open. I lurched forward and drew a breath. In a blink, Remmington appeared and stuck his head through the door. Fear gripped my yellow chakra. What if my boys get stuck? What if they fall through something and disappear forever? I don't know what lies beyond that door! Is it safe? Can I stop them in time?
But no words could escape from my lips as I watched them, in tandem, stick half their bodies through the rectangular hole in the wall. Something or someone was imploring me to observe in silence. I forced myself to sit back down. And with that, they plunged into Narnia.
I sat, barely breathing, knowing the Universe was laughing at me and forcing me through my fears of the unknown, courtesy of 2 cats in ca-hoots. I understood the lesson immediately~ Be brave. Be adventurous. Explore. Open new doors. Fear not. Trust. No spot is too tight. Be flexible. Who cares if you get dirty. Follow your instincts and you'll always be safe. There will always be light to call you home. Laugh. More. Often.
After 5 minutes in Narnia, the prince of fun and destruction reappeared covered in dust and the webs of ancient spiders. "Holy shit! That was great, Mom! You should see it in there!" Buddha took longer to explore and emerged as if he was born for this level of bravery. Evidently he was.
I've closed the door and twice more it has been popped open. The lesson continues. So noted.
With tiger's eye in hand and a little door wide open, I will stop holding my breath. I will love how the Universe loves me. I will allow myself to get dirty. I will trust. I will dare to believe I was born to bravery. I will follow my own yellow light through the door to the unknown.


  1. susan@80O4/14/2009

    Excellent entry...blog, through the small door, and into greater consciousness.

  2. I think we all face those doors every now and again, they pop open just like in Alice in Wonderland. Tell you what lets all link hands and go through together, it's always easier when there's a few to keep the spirits up!

    Great post ... maybe something heavy up against that door in the teeny tiny bathroom eh Graciel? Otherwise the plumbing might just go 'plumb crazy!'

    Hugs, Jane

  3. What an adventure.... for all of you!

  4. sugarfreeseer4/14/2009

    Cats, some of the best Teachers you'll ever meet, Down the rabbit hole Alice! hold on to those little red shoes!

  5. I love it when things like this happen and you understand what's "really" happening. It was a gentle nudge in the right direction from the Universe, which is always better than the "whack on the side of head" reminder from the Universe (and I've had lots of those!).

    Thanks for sharing your yellow chakra adeventure with us!

  6. Hi Graciel- thanks for letting me know about the new discussion on our Unravelling group! I'm finishing up a graduate program in the next few weeks and have been caught in the whirlwind of so many life transitions, all at once, that I neglected the course (though I loved it! Amazing how sometimes those things we care about the most, those things that center us, are the first to go...).
    But I'm so glad you saw my Yogi Tea photo (so relevent to my life right now!) and I'll be sure to stop by and check out the latest happenings at the Unravelling Flickr group!
    With warmth,

  7. Great post!

    Awesome photos!

    Wonderful, healthy kitty love :-)

    LOVE how you're allowing the Universe to speak to you with this. Very cool.

  8. Graciel, this post made me laugh because it brought back a memory. When I was first married, we lived in an apartment that had a similar hole in the closet in our bathroom. There were also shelves in there so we used it for storage.

    One morning I woke up and found a cat in our apartment. The cat belonged to the people who lived in the apartment next to ours. She had gone through the closet door in their bathroom through the hole where the plumbing was and managed to find her way through the floor or wall or wherever it went into the closet in our bathroom and out the door into our apartment. We laughed and laughed about our "cat burglar." :D


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