Monday, April 27, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #2

Art and creativity inspire my soul. Especially the happy and colorful variety. Especially the variety made by people I'm lucky enough to call my friends. Simply put, jewels and pint-size original drawings make me say, "Yay"!
Inspired by: Kasia Blue~modern and vintage inspired jewelry. Oh, this Kasia (kasha) woman, let me tell you, she's the bomb. 3 years ago I could have cared less about jewelry. Then she made me a simple bracelet and began her journey into all things sparkly. Now, I'm obsessed with jewelry. But only original Kasia Blue designs. One drawer is stacked to the lid with little blue boxes, each containing a necklace or bracelet of semi-precious stones I could not live without.
I've been witness to Kasia's beautiful evolution from selling at home parties to selling on Etsy to mesmerizing crowds around her table of jewels at Expos. She's a force, this creative woman. Not only are her designs meant to dazzle on sight, but I tell you, they feel amazing against the skin. The best part of all, she uses specific combinations of stones to invoke healing for body, mind and soul. An artist using her intuitive gifts to soothe and love the world. And guess what? She's been known to offer sales in her Etsy shop. Love at a discount? I'm there.
Inspired by: Gene Ploss Studio. My friend, Gene, is a quiet man with a very resounding talent. He draws. Well. Really well. Okay, amazingly well. Especially his signature wrinkled faces.
In 2005, when I met Gene and his talent, I suggested he offer his drawings for sale on eBay auctions. He chose to specialize in ACEO size images of 2.5" x 3.5" and off he went, selling faces and places to people around the world. I'm lucky enough to have won his first auction almost 4 years ago. I've been a patron since. Cats and butterflies and houses and those wrinkled faces that drop my jaw each time I look at them.
Gene has expanded to creating custom portraits for his clientele, as well as designing wine labels for California vintners. Oh, and he's illustrating the Bible. One baseball-card-size image at a time.
No kidding.
Gene is not one to toot his own talented horn, but to my great delight, the good folks at Strathmore Artist Papers have taken up the baton and featured him in their spring newsletter. Follow the link and read about what inspires my friend. And from his blog you can follow Gene's journey and offerings (originals and prints), on eBay, Etsy and his always happy newsletter.
There now. Yay for inspiring friends!


  1. I'm going to check out that jewelry - it looks gorgeous! and my jaw dropped at the drawings, too...I thought the cat was a PHOTO!! Amazing, amazing talents!

  2. Thank you darling for the feature. You are too kind to me :) I will join you in "Inspire Me Mondays" because what you do is inspire my soul to keep on becoming what it needs to be !

  3. WOW - those pieces of jewellery make my mouth water!!

    Thank you for the inspiration and the links!!


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