Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Soul Bird

My soul is part bird. In kinship, the feathered nations come to me and teach my soul their secrets. The secrets I have forgotten, or have yet to learn, or the ones that remind me to defy gravity.
Yesterday, lady cardinal, freshly expired with broken wing, called out to me. I scooped her off the side of the road and took her home. In honoring her body, I wanted to comfort her soul. It was she, in the end, who comforted me.

She reminded me in these times of great personal stress to notice and take care of the little things. To rest and to play and remember to laugh. To keep flowers close by and prayers at hand. To never stop trusting in miracles. To let the heart be heard.

Before I put her to rest in my garden, she gave me feathers from her wing. Needing them no longer, she told me to use them to rise above despair, to stay focused on the love in all outcomes and to keep my soul aloft.


  1. sugarfreeseer4/01/2009

    A message from my Peanut perhaps?, The Cardinals were his favorite birdies to watch.

  2. susan@80o4/01/2009

    Exquisite pictures. Exquisite post.

  3. So lovely. Her wings were a bit tattered around the edges, a life well lived:)

  4. I have a "thing" with the female cardinals...I don't know what it is...something calls to me from them as well - we don't have them around here where I live, but when I went back east I was intrigued by the female... I LOVE this post. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Your photographs of Lady Cardinal are so touchingly beautiful and your words so uplifting. Thank you for reminding me too, to soar Graciel!

  6. This is just amazing!

    What a dear, dear soul you are.

    Thank you for sharing your unique and ever-so-gracious experiences and wisdom with us.

    Wish you deep, peaceful, loving blessings today.


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