Sunday, April 26, 2009

Washed Clean

If your heart is aching and tears freely flow in the most ordinary moments, offer gratitude in the midst of your pain. Your heart is being washed clean.
If the pressures and the demands and the many-numbered false starts walk you to the brink of your sane mind and force a look beyond that brink, offer gratitude as your last sane thought. Your mind is being washed clean.
If your world, as you know it, is fragmenting, and the everyday glue you have employed for years is no longer holding the pieces in place, drop the glue on the way to your knees and simply utter, "thank you". Your world is being washed clean.
And clean is what is required to live the life you have asked for.
Yes, don't you remember? You asked for a new life. A life that supported you and loved you and fed your every need at a level higher than what you had previously decided to allow. A life that shed the shackles and bonds of out-moded rules placed upon you by who-even-remembers-now. That life.
We heard you. We've been working like mad to bring it you. To hand it to you on a silver platter. But, good God, you're stubborn. Your ability to cling to your past, the past that isn't working for you, by the way, is tenacious. So we've had to bring in the big guns. The ones that scare you into rethinking the path you've been trodding for, oh, ever. The ones that, well, frankly shatter your precious glass walls. Sorry for the shards. They're being washed down the drain as we speak.
You've got so many dreams. Good dreams. Dreams that, if invoked, will ripple out and wash clean the arid lives of many. We want you to live those dreams. So we're helping. Like you asked.
So be grateful for the pain and angst. Plug your nose and close your eyes if you must, but let the soul-wash go on. When the last drop spirals around the drain in the floor, you'll emerge into the light of a new day. A new life. A life of clean heart and clean mind and dream-know-how to heal and cleanse the world.
{Photo taken while having my car washed. I just love the car wash...}


  1. Thank you for this post! It is as if you are in my mind, my heart parading around and taking the snippets of pain with you. How fortunate for us that we have met at the time of OUR unreveling.
    xo Kasia

  2. Anonymous4/26/2009

    My lady,
    what is certain is that we cannot be rid of what we ARE. However, we can accept it as is and work with it. I see that as the key. Accept that there is pain and fear and look at it face to face. You don't necessarily need to be clean, but seeing in a different light.

    Care to you,

  3. That different light, my sweet Elise, is well..a cleaner light to me. And in the spiral movement of life, I expect that different light to wash over me time after fear after fear after time. Because fears, as I see them, are not really who I am. They are masks and illusions I will spend my life allowing love to wash away, should I be so strong.


  4. sugarfreeseer4/26/2009

    Once again the Grace of God speaks!
    Did my owning 'cleaning' today and as usual, we are sharing the water.
    Let's hear a big Bite Me to the fears! Amen,Sister

  5. That is a beautiful post about moving all the way through the pain to a more authentic existence.

    Thank you.


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