Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Pane Of Light

Little windows are opening for me. Like a mosaic. It's an incomplete design, this mosaic. But I see it forming one little pane of light at a time.
In one pane is a book. I've written it. In one pane are flowers. I'm teaching new ways to appreciate them. In another pane is a collection of hearts I've cupped in a bowl. The bowl is sometimes made of mist-green clay, sometimes made of my hands.
Little windows are opening for me. As I lose my fear, as my breath moves out of the shallows, the design is revealing itself. As one pain moves out, another pane brings in more light.


  1. Lovely words and I really love your new header pictures, they're just gorgeous!!

    How fantastic... to liken our lives to a mosaic and windows.

    'Lean our of the window GoldenHair
    For I heard you singing a merry

    Hugs Jane

  2. There's a beautiful view out those panes of glass and they let so much light and beauty in for us too.

    Lovely post, Graciel. :)


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