Saturday, September 02, 2006

Owl Omens

Owls are showing up again. For 20 years, they have crossed my path, bringing messages and wisdom. Bringing sharp focus to lessons and ideas I need to embrace. Owls are symbols of the feminine, the moon and the power of inner vision. When owls show up, rapid change is in the air.

My first owl encounter was with Bubo Virginianus, the great horned variety. The owl was lying on its back near a waterfall, freshly expired. It's beauty left me breathless. I stretched out its wings and fingered its talons. I wanted to take it home with me. My hiking companion would hear nothing of it. As a compromise, I clipped one wing feather to honor its energy and its life. That one feather is still with me. As a tool to cleanse one's aura, its power is palpable.

Last week, while walking through a park in the Village of Mayberry, I came upon my 2nd wing feather of a great horned owl. A smaller version of my 20 year old one. Powerful, nonetheless. The great horned owl, CEO of the Order of Owl, brings the message and omen of non-hesitation. Of grabbing, with assertiveness, all positive opportunities that cross one's path. Of living life with fervor.

Three nights ago, at 10:09pm, I heard the soft whinny outside my window of 2 dueting Otis Asios, commonly known as screech owls. In late summer, as fledglings disperse, the whinny-calls are heard to mark territories. The screech owl, looking like a great horned in miniature, brings the message and omen of cooperation with others while maintaining one's individuality.

Today, Tyto Alba, the ghost-like barn owl arrived in Mayberry. All the way from Southern California. The barn owl, titled "Spirit Guide", arrived painted on a gallery canvas, with a human face and a full-moon halo. A glorious and generous gift from an artist friend. The barn owl, master auditory hunter of the Order of Owl, brings the message and omen of adaptability, invention, hearing and heeding the inner voice, as well as clairaudience. It is the guardian at the gateway to the Faerie Realm. And because of its heart-shaped face, the barn owl brings the omen of building a bridge between the heart and the mind.


Update: autumn 2010/ winter 2012~

This is bar-none the most visited post on my blog. It comes up on search engines for "owl omens" all over the globe. Every single day people are inquiring about owl sightings and find their way here hoping for answers. Most think an owl sighting has negative connotations. I believe it does not. Nature is constantly sending us signals to better our lives. As I said in the comments section of this post, nothing is ominous, but perhaps caution is advised.

Owls, being masters of the dark (nocturnal), are usually recommending we listen for what is not being said in a situation, and seeing what has previously been hidden to us. They ask us to find and face what we may have chosen to be deaf and blind to in order to keep the peace, not make waves or continue playing small to make others comfortable. Owls want us to bring forth our best selves, to shine a light in this sometimes dark world. We can only do this if we are true to ourselves. And being true to who we are, true to what we know is right for us as an individual, takes courage.

Think of the owl as truth serum. Whatever situation pops into your mind as you contemplate the owl sighting you've had, know a greater truth must be revealed and lived regarding that situation. Follow your gut. Take action if that feels appropriate. Perhaps the owl's mantra, the owl's omen should be~"the truth will set you free."

It's all good, if you allow it to be.


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  1. Anonymous11/05/2007

    Nov 4th 2007
    I saw 3-4 owls, 2 weeks ago, about 5:30AM, along with a comet that was right above them in the sky as well. Im tring to figure out what that means.

  2. Anonymous3/25/2008


    You seem to be on a spiritual side with owls, and I was wondering if you could help me. I left work tonight, and had to drive my new boss home (only my 3rd night on the job). On the way to his place, we had to cross a bridge. As soon as we pulled onto the bridge I had to stop the car because there was an owl just sitting in the road. I honked my horn at him and he wouldnt move so I drove around him. On my way home, I started thinking about the fact it could be an Omen. I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 31/2 years, and right now he has the flu. I have never had good luck with jobs (Ive had more jobs than I am old), and as previously stated, just started a new one. Im having no luck with wedding planning, money, or house hunting. Im also having undiagnosed health problems. Im wondering if you think it could be a good Omen or a bad Omen. If you could Email me @ it would be much appreciated! (I'm panicking a little bit!)

  3. Anonymous10/11/2008

    comment for silversided:
    it's allll good. i was searching for owl omens, since i've seen one lately around my house. when i read your post, i knew immediately it was good because the owl in the road imparted wisdom directly to you. you did not have to pick up a book, or go to class, you just KNOW.. it's from the owl. whatever your questions, ask the owl in quiet, await the answers. you will Know

  4. Anonymous10/11/2008

    I too need your help to figure out what it means. I had lived in one place for about 5 years and every night an owl would briefly come visit me and it didn't seem afraid of me. Now I haved moved 120 miles away and have a new owl that comes to my new house almost every night. I can get pretty close to it. What do you think this means??

  5. Shadow Paw10/27/2008

    Tonight, at roughly 7:10pm, an owl flew above and slightly to the side of me, it was roughly only 30-40 cm away from me. I have lived in the same area for 14 years and not once have I ever seen or heard an owl. Is this a good omen? (P.s. I am more of a night person, and believe strongly in omens, and do NOT believe in harming an animal unless it is to save someone I care greatly about.

  6. Nov. 10th, 2008

    It is rare that I track-back through older posts, but here I am, reading comments on a more-than-2-year-old post. Last I read this, no comments had been posted.

    But every single day, without fail, someone googles "owl omen". From all over the world. And they are led to my blog post.

    If you have a question about an owl sighting, please feel free to leave a comment on my most RECENT post...even though that post will have nothing to do with owls. Who cares? I'll be happy to help or clarify if I can!

    But, in the meantime, keep in mind any animal or bird sighting is a GOOD omen. Each one brings a positive message. Each one brings a blessing especially for you. I promise.

    And Shadow Paw, if you ever read this, it meant wisdom was coming your way..from within your own heart. If it flew by your right side, it had to do with the masculine part of yourself. If it flew by your left side, it had to do with the feminine part of yourself. It flew by to tell you, you already know what to do for yourself. Just listen to your wise heart.

  7. Anonymous11/22/2008

    Does anyone know this omen: what it means when you see an owl (South Africa) with a freshly caught snake fly past you on the road, I was in the driveway closing the gait, when this happened.

    While it had the snake in it claws, it was screeching wildly. Its suburban setting with a small stretch of bush running down a hill. It was afraid, as it reminds me of Alexander the Great’s death omen to his mother, with the falcon dropping a snake in the court. I did not look at it for too long, in the event that some negative force is transferred into me.

    I saw this about a year back, a lot of changes did indeed happen in that time, but it ended badly for me, but what a ride it was… I also noticed that after owls or the same own… sits on a street lamp that lamp or street lamp near it will stop working in few second. My house is also at a crossroad. I am not entirely sure if it was good or bad in nature.

  8. Last night I was driving to a party and while looking for the house, I slowed down for something in the road. As I approached, I realized it was a small, light colored owl. The owl turned and looked at me for a few seconds before it flew off. I know it means something, but I am not sure what yet. Any ideas? Thanks.

  9. Hello! I am befuddled! It is 5 degrees outside in Michigan, and I JUST happen to be home alone today. An Eastern screech owl has parked herself by my front door and has not moved all day. I opened my front door and looked right at her, and she just looked at me. She even let me take her picture, which I wish I could post. The UPS man came and dropped a package on my porch, but she didn't move. What does this mean?????

  10. I'm in the midst of recovering from and trying to determine what's causing a serious back injury that has all but put me on total bed rest. Also my father died a few months ago and I'm in a place in my life where I want things to change but I don't know what that change will be. Well late last night, I was sitting on my couch in a suburban apartment complex. It really isn't a wooded area and it's cold and snowy outside, but I saw something out the corner of my eye. This beautiful owl landed on my balcony and sat there for about five minutes as cars sped by and my boyfriend crept closer to snap pictures. I was amazed. I don't believe I've even seen one in the wild and I wouldn't expect to see one in such an urban area. I've been obsessed since then trying to figure out what it means, if it's a good or bad sign or means nothing. Please help.

  11. Anonymous5/29/2009

    I have had a owl sitting in my tree outside my kitchen window all day, since early this morning and still there at 11pm tonight.. he just watches me but pays no attention to the other pepople or the wandering outdoor cat or the dog, doesnt bother with the bunnies running thro the yard either, but seems to be fixated on me. I took the dog in the back yard and he turned his head and stared, went in the front yard.....same thing. I was doing dishes and making dinner jsut turned to watch me... really weird, gave me a interesting feeling. I have ghosts in the house so Things like this make me feel summin more then just a owl sitting in the tree... any ideas?
    please email if possible

  12. Anonymous6/05/2009


  13. Anonymous8/23/2009

    For five months now I have not been able to shake the vision I had of an owl. I am an artist and had just gone to bed. I closed my eyes and started my prayers and this owl came into view. It was in color and very detailed. I'm not sure why I had this vision or what I'm supposed to do with it now. I believe it is a peak into the future. This is the first and only vision I have ever had. When I try to tell my family and friends about it they think I'm nuts. I'm wondering if any other people have had recent owl visions about the middle east. Maybe I'm not the only one.

  14. I was walking in a residential are in portland oregon and it was around 8:30 pm. on the sidewalk i was walking on i ran into a small owl sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. it looked right at me and didn't even move. i was so surprised and seem so calm that i tried to pet it, it hoped to the side next to a parked car and in between a tree on the curb of the sidewalk. i walked around the tree and sat down right next to the owl, i just sitting with it for almost ten minutes. it just starred at me. i was talking to it and was making hoots, as it just sat there. finaly i said goodbye to the owl and walked away. i tried to reserch what kind of owl it was, and still trying to determine if it was a nothern pygmy owl or saw whet. it was small but not too small and had big yellow eyes and was brown. no ear tufts. i felt like it was an omen or sending me a message of some sort. considering i was on my way to the store bathroom to use heroin, i am a heavily addictied heroin addict, could this have something to do with it? if you could help me understand this owl visit would be most helpfull. ever since i've been obssesed and facinated by owls.

  15. Anonymous2/18/2010

    Just want to mention owl omens, I believe owls tht appear prior to a birth and death are there to transport the spirit. When my son was born, a large barn owl flew alongside our car for a while. Prior to his passing after a road accident, I saw a large tawny owl (english) on a branch in a field near our house during the day. Later that day I found a dead owl, which I picked up. A week later my son had a road accident and died shortly afterwards. We then saw masses of owls in the road, at the bottom of our drive, and then again near the church where we buried him. I do not believe owls are evil omens but I believe they carry the spirit of our loved ones.

  16. Anonymous5/28/2010

    Two nights ago I was driving at late at night and I spotted from afar a figure about 2ft tall in the middle of the road, as I slowed my car to a stop, a huge light colored owl flew towards driver side window and over my car. It startled me so I had to roll up my window, then straight ahead in front of me was the huge owl. He just looked at me then walked about one feet across the road, stopped turned his head and stared at me again. I was chilling because even though my headlights were probably blinding him, it seemed as if he was staring straight at me inside the car. Can you please tell me if the sighting of these two owls is a good omen? I have been going through some tough times. Thanks so much.

  17. Anonymous7/27/2010

    We bought a house and when we went to look at the owl was there.
    2 years later, we are think of selling and the owl has come back.
    It seems like when we talk about selling the Owl shows up that day.

    Do you know what the meaning is?


  18. On the way home tonight from buying school clothes for the kids, we were driving down our street and a great horned owl was sitting on a street light between my dads house and my house.
    As I stopped the truck so my kids, wife, and I could look at it, it flew off and went straight to our house and landed on the roof.
    As we pulled down the street and pulled into our driveway, we were able to look at another couple of minutes.
    It then flew off and went straight to my Dads and landed on his house right above where my Mom sleeps.

    Do you know what this might mean?

  19. about three weeks ago on the way home from work around 1 am on a two lane country lane, I saw an owl standing on the left side of the road looking in my direction. He did not fly off when I drove by. Then the other night while driving home from work at 2am I was on the same road about the same place as the first sighting, and there in the middle of the road standing on the yellow line was that owl staring right at me. I veared to the right to not disturb the owl. But the weird thing is that both times the owl didn't fly away. I know there is a message here. It seems weird that the owl didn't fly away

  20. please leave your comments on my most recent post, regardless if it has nothing to do with owls. i'll be happy to respond to you there!


  21. Anonymous1/12/2011

    Tonight at 10pm I heard a great horned owl outside. It called a total of 3 times. What does this mean? My granmother's favorite animal was the great horned owl. Could it be her visiting? Is this a bad omen?

  22. Anonymous4/25/2011

    On my way to work this morning I saw an owl out of the corner of my eye sitting on the side of the road, I turned my car around hoping to just shoo it off the road so it wouldnt get hit by a car. When I got out of the car however, the owl was looking right at me with blood dripping down its head and a puddle of blood near it so I called the animal rescue and waited with the owl for over an hour to ensure nothing happened to it, since it couldnt walk or fly...Im just curious to know if this means anything?

  23. Anonymous5/31/2011

    Every night for the past 3 nights a barn owl comes to my fence. He or she is only about 10 yards away. He will talk to me and I will swack back. This goes on for about an hour then I go inside. After about 2 hours he comes to my window and continues to call me? I come outside, he looks at me and its like he wants to tell me something, but I don't understand. I whistle at him and he ALWAYS RESPONDS! I really wish I knew what he was trying to say. I just don't know why he hangs around swacking at me everynight! Any idea why?

  24. dear may 31st anonymous~

    i usually prefer an inquiry on my most recent blog post, but just caught your question as i was turning off my computer.

    the barn owl has the specialty of connecting the heart and the mind. it is also an auditory specialist, with echo location as a primary hunting tool.

    perhaps this insistent owl is asking you to listen clearly to what is being said around you...are you listening well to the concerns of your loved ones? are you hearing, really hearing them? are you hearing the concerns of your own self? is your body speaking to you and are you ignoring it? (that never works out well in the long run.)

    listen. (it's the first form of communication, after all)and then speak from your heart in response. stop being logical and invite the wisdom of your heart into your thoughts and words and actions.

    good communication is the path to lasting happiness.


  25. Anonymous7/02/2012

    Hi, like everybody else I too have an owl experience just now actually I went outside not to long ago its about 4am. I noticed a beautiful full moon lighting up my backyard. Then out of nowhere a huge owl flew right by me flying into the darkness. I'm not sure what it means. My zodiac sign is cancer, I think the moon is cancer planet. Iv been going thru A LOT lately been under an enormous amount of stress. Please help me. Ps. Today is also my birthday

  26. Dear July 2nd Birthday~

    The owl is telling you that your stress stems in part from not being true to yourself. Somehow, someway you are denying what you really need amidst all the tumult. You will throw light onto dark times by standing up for what benefits you and nourishes you. You have that right. Exercise it. Set boundaries, honor yourself, say "no."

    The silent owl advises to just quietly and firmly take back your own power. It is A CHOICE to honor your well being and sacredness.

    Happy Birthday!!

    :) Graciel

  27. Dear, Graciel that is interesting and very much on target I appreciate you helping me out and replying there is more I would like to talk about is it possible to email you? July 2nd Bday. Name is Andrew.

  28. July 2nd Andrew~

    I am at
    It's a busy week, but I'll do my best to answer promptly.
    Glad to help. :)


  29. Anonymous11/01/2012

    On my way to work in the mornings there is somtimes an owl stading on a light pole. It looks like a Barn owl.Can't quite tell.Is this something bad or somthing good.
    I am at

  30. Anonymous12/02/2012

    I saw a barn owl sitting on a powerlines while on my way to the cemetery after my uncle's funeral. also a few months before this I heard a screech owl and a barn owl outside and I live in the middle of town...although there are a few little wooded areas in neighborhood and abandoned buildings didn't expect to hear one so close in such a densely populated area. I heard the barn owl again tonight. he screeches loudly about the same time each night that I hear it if usually between 1 and 2 am. not sure if there is a meaning or if I just overheard nature's natural course with the screeching but seeing a barn owl in broad daylight on way to an internment seemed like it has to mean something.

  31. Anonymous5/07/2013

    Good morning to you. I got home yesterday after 5pm and found a huge brown owl sitting on the wall of my balcony while the sun is shining outside. I was so shocked! He turned his head and looked me straight in the eyes, actually staring at me with those dark round eyes. He was sitting there till the sun sets and then flew away. Wow i got that cold creepy feeling in my whole body staring at him. Any idea of the meaning?

    1. Dear Balcony Owl~ There is a truth that has been kept secret, some issue you have hesitated to speak of or address, that is asking to be revealed in the light. It may have to do with endings. It is likely a large issue.

      Speak your truth. Set yourself free. It's time.


  32. Anonymous5/23/2013

    I was driving to the Oregon Coast from Seattle very late one evening and was approaching Lincoln City when a small truck in front of us swerved across the road and then proceeded to drive on. I saw something sitting in the road that seemed larger like a cat or possum. I could not leave it there at the mercy of the next driver so against my friends wishes I got out and approached the creature. When I got closer I saw it was a huge owl beautiful and very stunned. I talked to it softly and then without thinking I went to it picked it up by it's talons and carried it wings flapping to the side of the road and down the small embankment. It glided down out of my hands and landed sitting there. I sat down very close to it and spoke to it softly for a while. When it looked at me with those huge black eyes there was reason. I have never experienced such a feeling as I did when that owl stared at me. It was like it could see inside of me. Wow

  33. Anonymous6/15/2013

    I haven't seen any owls like the others. I find there experiences intriguing. I hope you take this as disrespectful. I've recently heard about animal spirit guides. im not sure how to know what mine might be. growing up I was drawn to cats and then the big cats. I've been reading guardians of ga'hoole.... one of the main characters is a barn owl named soren. there also is other breads of owls in it as well and it is a very well written series . anyway im drawn to barn owls, there heart shaped faces speak to me and im an artist so Ive been finding pictures so I can draw them and I stumbles onto you sight and I was just wondering what your thoughts are on this type of thing. thank u.

    1. Anonymous7/06/2013

  34. Anonymous6/21/2013

    Hi, I have just returned from a cruise on the Nile, while docked in Esna my daughter and I watched an owl (brown/dark colour) fly from the mosque opposite and toward us and over us/the ship to our left. This is my second owl sighting, the other was also in Egypt but in Sharm el Sheik 3 years ago to the month - that visit involved two sightings, different days, same place at the hotel resort and I believe the same owl (white with touch of sky blue near tips); the first time it came swooping by our (my daughter was with me again) right side at head level as we climbed the stairs between the apartment blocks; the second time, it circled above my head just outside the resort while I waited alone for a friend to meet me. The Sharm experience has intrigued me and remained ingrained in my memory, however since Esna, I'm even more curious about having my only owl sightings in Egypt.... I would be interested to hear what you think, thanks debbie (

  35. Anonymous8/07/2013

    It was three years ago when I began farming a small vineyard that I saw my first barn owl. I heard his wings before I saw him fly inches over my hooded head. It was an early morning in January and I had just started to prune the vines. Over the course of the next two years I kept my eyes out for the owl, but was never able to catch sight of him. Then last month I was up to the vineyard very early and after a number of odd occurrences set sight of a barn owl. He was walking on the ground -- and although he did not fly away when I approached, it was clear that something was amiss. With help from a friend, we were able to pick him up as rescue him from the dogs that had come to investigate. He was ever so calm, and as my friend went to retrieve her keys so that she could take him to the wildlife rescue agency, he rested in my arms against my chest with our heartbeats in synch. (What a moment!) The agency took him in and eventually re-released the full-grown male back into the vineyard. A few weeks back I was again at the vineyard in the early, dusky morning hours when I spotted him up on a high perch. Before I could get my boots on he started chatting at me. I stood underneath him where he sat and listened as he continued to talk. As I started working the land he kept track of me through the rows. It was easy enough for me to keep track of him as he continued, or so it seemed, to talk to me at length. I just so happened to look up when he glided down from his perch to the ground. I went to investigate and found him simply standing there looking at me. He was no longer talking, but looking extremely sleepy. Through the course of the next few hours he remained with me in the vineyard, never moving from that space. I called the rescue agency, but was unable to get through to a actual person. As the hours passed and the sun came up I expected him to move into the shade, but he turned his back so that the sun beat down on it. As my ability to get inches from him increased, I fretting about picking him up and having no place to take him. Instead I drove to the wildlife agency with photos in hand and was able to connect with someone who came back and collected him. She told me then that he was thin and very, very cold and that they had seen cases where the owl didn't survive. Today I called to check up on him and was sadly told that he had died hours after arriving. I feel silly, but am quite devastated by the news, thus my reaching out for some insight into this very strange set of circumstances and occurrences. Many thanks in advance...

  36. Anonymous9/17/2013

    Today my husband and I walked out our back patio and laying on our patio was a dead owl. Eyes open and the poor beautiful creature was just lifeless. We picked it up and are taking it to the DNR to make sure it wasn't shot or ill. The strange thing is that my dog who eats everything was out all afternoon and never noticed it and I know that if he would have saw it we wouldn't have even known it was laying out there. I can't help but think its a message..

  37. Anonymous11/18/2013

    Last night I was walking in a wooded area where I host a seasonal event. I saw an Eastern Screech Owl in a tree and I shined my light on it. I was able to walk all the way up to it and touch it's foot. We just stared at each other for a number of minutes then he flew away. Is there anything that can be read into that or was it just a very cool experience?


  38. kristinloucks@yahoo.com12/11/2013

    Your post has totally blown me away!

    I have been hearing an owl outside of my house almost every night for the past couple of weeks. I have lived in my home for over 10 years & i have never noticed any owls outside of my home before. Therefore i found this to be rather unusual.

    So tonight when i heard the owl around 10 pm i felt like something was encouraging me to research this topic a little bit. That's when i came across your website!

    I feel like what u said was right on! Particularly in regards to the great- horned owl... Based on my research & my intuition Im almost certain that's the owl i heard.

    I have been dealing with several serious personal issues over the past couple of years. I have also been praying to God asking Him for positive changes to take place in my life! Now I feel like God is saying stay in faith because positive rapid change is on the way! Don't hesitate & get ready! Be assertive & ready to grab on to the positive opportunities that are heading my way!

    Thank you so much for your post! It has rejuvenated & inspired me! It has also changed my perspective towards owls as well! Now the next time i hear him i know i will smile ...

  39. Anonymous12/17/2013

    I am hoping that you can help me.
    My big brother that I was very close to passed away unexpectedly in June. That night, at his home in South Florida, my sister-in-law, sister, mother, and I saw an owl on the power line in front of his house. Two more owls came and they all flew away together.
    My sister-in-law told me that they came to see my brother often, but have not been back since.
    I know that there is some meaning behind this and I would like to share it with my family this Christmas. If you can help me find the answer, I would greatly appreciate it...
    From...Feeling Blessed

  40. I was walking along the highway the other day and found a dead owl, what does this mean?

  41. I was on the way to visit my uncle at the hospital and I had a brief eye contact with an owl. He stared right at me. When I returned home I heard a strange shrieking of a bird whom I thought was a bat but it was an owl. Wat does this mean. ... I am a hypersensitive and things that are intuitive and spiritual always leaves me feeling restless. Is this a good sign.. a bad omen? Is the owl a messenger. A protector or is he trying to make me understand something I can't figure out.

  42. Anonymous7/04/2015

    I was on my way home last night and just as I left the outskirts of a town I was driving through, an owl flapping wildly landed on the road in front of my car. It stopped there, wouldnt move and starred at me. I managed to stop and went around it slowly as it just watche me go by. It was a very large brown owl. I cant stop thinling of it. I have had owls in my path plenty. Even as a child my father found two baby owls abandoned by the mother and we, my brother and I, raised them till they were old enough to care for themselves. The one lastnight was odd though. It would not move, it just starred at me. I cant get it out of my mind.

  43. Anonymous11/12/2015

    My boyfriend from 6 years ago passed away from a heart attack.. the night of the memorial a white owl sat on the fence the whole night.. more then several times after I would see owls here an there always at night.. now all this time later.. im living in another state and twice in the last week on my way to work at 4 30 or 5 in the am.. a white owl has flown right across my windshield.. these owls come out of no where.. please help to explain

  44. Tonight around 5:30 p.m. in Chatham ontario I stepped outside to have my after dinner cigarette. It's dark and raining and I hear two owls hooting close by. The closest I have ever heard before. I am constantly looking for owls but have never seen one. This time I look up to my left and in the near distance I see one large winged bird and then another. I knew right away that the flying silouettes were those of the hooting birds I was hoping to see. I have always wanted to catch sight of an owl.and now I see two in a matter of minutes...what does this mean??

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  46. Anonymous12/30/2015

    yesterday night we heard screeching sound of owl near our home today afternoon we heard owl hooting..please let me know what does it mean

  47. Anonymous1/30/2016

    I live in an urban area and hear an own toward daybreak. This this have a significance?

  48. Anonymous2/16/2016

    tonight just now i was driving home from a friends place at 60klm/hr when suddenly a loud thud and such force onto my right side a feathered friend came through my half opened window. Not sure or certain what is was and not wanting to hurt it as in flew down onto my feet. I therefore coasted into a side street slowed and carefully applied the brakes. I quickly got out of the car to see a owl. I think is was a twany frogmouth. a rather large round and sort of fluffy head. I called for it to come out and fly and did and as a reminder left a feather for my tale. I live on the gold coast Queensland Australia. does this encounter have any meaning?


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