Friday, January 20, 2012

Owl Omens 2

stuffed great horned owl, Tift Nature Preserve, Buffalo, NY

snowy owl, copyright Jody Melanson

I'm waiting for my owl. I see owls everywhere; on place mats, greeting cards, sleepwear, statues. But in this rare season of irruption from the arctic fringes, I am waiting for the real thing. I am waiting for the snowy owl.

I drive by farms and fields, head swiveling side to side ( a likely danger on the roads), scanning the rooftops and telephone poles for a burst of white feathers. As yet, I have no glimpse of the prize. And I may not be graced with a sighting before the weather turns and the owls head back to the tundra.

I will wait and I will keep my heart open with expectant gratitude, for the snowy owl already lives inside me. As an omen, he is only good. He is the call for patience and waiting for beneficial things to come into view. He is not about wasting energy, but about carefully preparing the self, inside and out, for taking advantage of opportunity the moment it arrives. In the light and in the dark. 

Timing is everything, says the owl, as is well-honed skill. There is no need for intimidation or wasteful nervous bluster. Go about your business, but pay attention. Your time will most definitely arrive. When it comes, act. Act from strength and the courage of having quietly developed your offerings. Let your inner wisdom come forth and shift your life. Be who you must be.

Five and half years ago, I wrote a blog post about owl omens. Every day since (every single day!) some one from around the world has searched for insight about their personal owl encounters and clicked on  this post. In the last 20 days alone, this post has been viewed 269 times. There seems to be no end to fascination with owls and sometimes fear of ill omens. I tell you, animal and bird sightings are never omens for ill or bad luck. Never. Nature is our ultimate teacher and healer and She in her wisdom sends willing messengers to get us to wake up and see the truth of our lives. Because we are so often asleep. The characteristics of the animal or bird we encounter are perfectly orchestrated to mirror a part of ourselves or our situations (self created). Their characteristics and behaviors and even positions are maps to get us back on track to living our lives out loud and unafraid. To being who we must be.

It's all good, if you allow it to be.


  1. A beautiful post. Thank you for these encouraging truths.

    Today's local spottings = Bald Eagles, seagulls, a red fox (!), various ducks, a robin (!), and several starlings. Weeeeeeeee!!!

    What an amazing Journey!

  2. Last year, after spotting a hawk and posting about on FB, someone tried to tell be that it meant something bad, that it was a caution.
    i refused to believe it.
    seeing something that you love, that fills your heart with joy, has always, always got to be good.
    your owl will come.

  3. i read this days ago, and tried to leave a comment, but i was at work, and we have awful internet and it fell away somewhere. i wish i remembered what i'd said. :)

    i do remember this - watching an owl fly through a cold january night years ago, low enough that the streetlights lit his or her belly and undersides of wings. a big owl, unusual for us, but it swooped, just silent in the night, and it was a gift from god. when i told a friend about that sighting, she said it meant someone was about to die. insert sigh.

    it was a gift. always.

  4. I saw an owl driving at night on the center line just standing there. It spooked me. Immediately i wanted to know what it meant that's how i ended up here. My life has not been the way it use to be. I just want to know how long before things start changing for the better.


  5. I'm not sure where to ask this but this morning around 415am I stepped out my back door and a brown owl was sitting on my toddlers plastic slide. I took pictures and made a video of me talking to him/her. The owl didn't even seem to mind that I was standing so close or talking. What does this mean?

  6. Anonymous9/23/2014

    I was walking home from work and after i got off the phone with My girlfriend i saw an white owl fly in front of me then landed in the light poll next to me and it just looked at me and flew off what could this meann

  7. annettesalle3/09/2015

    I was driving home at 10,15 sat night and was on a quiet dark road when i seen something move ahead so i slowed down and an owl flew towards me and landed on the road. This made me stop and the owl turned its head and looked towards headlights for a couple of seconds and then flew off. It was wonderful.. Magical. We had full view of it. Feeling blessed. X
    7rh March Saturday night 2015


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