Sunday, January 15, 2012

make it about you

there is something to this reaching beyond the known self. there is something unleashed in the subtlest of ways that captures and lifts the mind. the reaching, the daring clears away the film of thin despair coating the eyes and the old habits of thought. an embrace happens, self to self to life as a whole. not constantly, but softly and often enough to notice.

like a sunday morning in winter, with cats to warm toes and new books that arrived and tea and crystallized windows sparking pastels, there comes a contentment not previously known. and the wish is to know it some more.

decide to show yourself. decide to begin the journey you thought was too daring to take. make a little plan and begin. make it about you and invite people along when you're ready. the very best thing you can do for improved quality of life is to stop holding back. be public, be private or a little of both. your health and your wealth and your peace will improve when you take action on behalf of yourself.


  1. Lovely words! Thank you xo

  2. damn straight. easy to forget, but important to keep coming back to yourself. until you are your own new habit, impossible to break.



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