Monday, January 16, 2012

expanding outward

This is the year I expand outward.
Perhaps, without venturing too far from home.
I've ventured far in recent years,
awakening my soul in the process.

Now that I am awake I see what surrounds me
and it's time to embrace the new and the near.
Like the helleborus plant with green and white blooms.

Except that it's almost dead.
Because I am terrible with high maintenance plants.
Yet, I thought I would try.

So sorry.

In my expansion outward, in my desire to taste
from the deeper well of life,
I will make mistakes and I will ruin things.

But my soul will awaken further from having
reached beyond what I currently know.

The ruin will not compare to the riches
of what I find in my new expanded view.

Join me in expanding outward~
February 25th through April 5th.


  1. well, first, i am so glad to hear that even you have problems with some plants. it makes me feel less a non-nurturer. :)

    second, yes. embrace the new and near. imperfection. break some eggs.


  2. this made me smile. i have them in my garden, but never thought to try them inside!

    be brave, and daring, ruin a few things. it will be okay.

  3. blogwalking for the day!!!!!!!! cools n nice blogs'''''''' click here! thanks,,,,,,,,,

  4. Hmm, it doesn't look dead to me ... My plants need to be extremely low maintenance although I have always had dreamy visions of having a lush garden bursting with green and color. Well, I am more of a balcony person (that's definitely the German in me), but even potted plants don't do too well. But I can learn, right? So looking forward to your course! Especially after our lovely chat last night, can't wait to meet you in person! xo


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