Wednesday, January 11, 2012

52 Photos Project~ the macro shot

If you were to accuse me
of being obsessed with flowers,
you would be right.

I am.

It's not something to apologize for.

Because beauty and nature are solace.
Anytime, anywhere.

Last autumn, I needed solace.
I went early to the farmer's market.
I bought fistfuls of dahlias.
I spent hours arranging them
and taking photographs.

My day was better.
My home was happier.
Because of flowers.

I believe in flowers in the home.
Year round.
A single bloom or fistfuls.

If you come with me,
if you come home along with me,
I will teach you the simple wonder
of arranging flowers.
And you will be glad.

*online course and one day retreat*
February 25th through April 5th
Week 3~ Floral Design 101

For Bella


  1. Lovely macro shot! ~ thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/ 52 PP

  2. a gorgeous bit of color for this january morning. and i'm with you - flowers always, always, make me feel better.


  3. Anonymous1/11/2012

    Gorgeous. I love the addition of the bud behind the giant bloom.

  4. This happens to be my new favorite color! Such a beautiful shot....

  5. Orange is my favourite colour. This flower is the most exquisite shade of orange. I think I want to eat it.

  6. Lovely! Flowers are happy beings, meant to delight and make our days brighter. :)

  7. Gorgeous photo! Love flowers in the house too. I just posted my final Dollhouse house and the flowers sitting next to it are actually sitting on my dining table right now. I once had a friend visiting and she commented that there were flowers in my house and how she hadn't thought to do that. I thought, how sad not to have flowers in the house.

  8. Beautiful. You & I will have our day - I'm thinking summer upstate or whenever you make it to BK!! xo


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