Saturday, September 16, 2006

Broken Glass

This evening, while doing research online, I heard a clunk in the kitchen. I got up to investigate. I found my cat, Raindance, hovering over the prized 1970's drinking glass I had left on the kitchen table. The one with the groovy yellow and orange flowers in semi-3D. The one that was part of a set of 6 I found one serendipitous Sunday at Our Lady Of Fleas. The glass was now in 3 pieces. Raindance was happily lapping up its former contents.

Even though I'm terribly fond of the groovy glass and even more fond of the idea of having 6 matching ones, I celebrated its destruction. And I thanked Raindance for breaking it. No, I'm not mildly insane. I am aware. Aware of the significance of broken glass.

Anytime glass shatters or breaks in my vicinity, it directly reflects a piece of my past that has been shattered and let go of. It reflects a breaking open of new opportunities. It reflects a significant, positive change about to enter my life. The Universe, knowing how much I love signs and omens, always sends me timely notices just before a shift. Broken glass means a definitive shift is on its way.

If I'm paying attention, which I usually am, I can read the signs within the signs. I can read the fullness of the Universal notice. This evening's example included the element of water, as it was the liquid inside the groovy glass. Water was spilled. Water represents the emotions. I will likely have my emotions at the surface, perhaps spilling out, during this forthcoming shift.

This evening's example also included the timing of the groovy glass destruction. At the exact moment of the clunk in the kitchen, I was researching options and activities online for the arrival in Buffalo, New York of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I will be viewing the monk-created sand mandala Sunday, attending an inter-faith service with His Holiness on Monday and having a full-blown day of all things Buddhist on Tuesday, culminating in the Dalai Lama's keynote speech at 3pm.

Thanks to Raindance following Universal instructions to the letter, I now know the days of the Dalai Lama will shift me and break me open wider than I previously dared to guess.

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