Thursday, September 07, 2006

Transformation In The Air

Monarch butterflies are on the move. Here in the western region of New York state, orange and black wings can be seen fluttering in meadows, fluttering in yards and fluttering in rush hour traffic. Autumn migration is underway. The perilous, miraculous journey on 4" wingspans from southern Ontario to Mexico marks a time and a season for great transformation. Not only for the monarchs, all born in the north, making the 1,800 mile or so flight for the 1st time, but for us on the ground as well.

If monarchs cross our path and come to our attention, they signal internal and external transformation. They signal inevitable change coming our way. Whether we want it or not. Monarch sightings put us on notice to begin accepting new opportunities, new ways of thinking, and new, more positive ways of existing in the world. They herald joy. They herald ripeness. They herald bounty.

As is always the case, we have the choice to embrace or reject the announcement. We have the choice to remain the same or migrate to our fuller selves. We have the choice to stand on the perilous brink of the unknown, arms flung wide, shouting "bring it on, Universe!" or remain locked in our safe and stagnant cocoon.

If monarchs cross our path and come to our attention, we must be brave enough to make that phone call. We must be brave enough to establish boundaries. We must be brave enough to apologize. Brave enough to open our hearts, and open our minds to the beauty of other people and cultures.

Like the monarchs, we must be brave enough to set off on our own miraculous journey. And trust in our instincts to see us through the inevitable changes to warmer climates within.

{I saw 21 monarchs today. Despite my anticipatory nerves, there ain't no use fighting this transformation...}

p.s. The beautiful monarch photo is from Misty in Erie, PA.

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