Monday, September 18, 2006


As a shining spark of God, it is my calling to live in a state of Elysium. It is your calling as well. Elysium, sounding like the essence of romance to my ear, has evolved to mean paradise or heaven. I wish to paint the word in flowing script above the lintel of my door to remind myself, in my comings and goings, that heaven on earth is my responsibility to invoke. That heaven on earth is a deliberate choice, a deliberate attitude, a deliberate way of life. I wish to remind myself that heaven on earth is more than a dream.

Elysium is possible on our mortal plane and in our mortal minds when the decision is made for peace and love to be a priority. When peace and love are the only priority. Then we will cease to be fascinated by tales of violence and war and instead be enamored with lives of compassion and goodwill towards ourselves and others.

Elysium requires a monumental shift, one person, one mind, one soul at a time. This shift requires my soul and yours to relinquish our daily need to be right. To be in control. To never appear weak. To win.

This shift requires liberal compassion and liberal forgiveness. Towards ourselves. Towards others. For everything.

This shift requires the end of self-imposed perfection and the beginning of self-acceptance. Acceptance that we have lived our lives to the best of our abilities, up to this very moment. Acceptance that there is no one to blame for the choices we have made, the actions we have taken, and the unloving things we have said.

Elysium is the natural result of a mind and soul at peace with itself. A mind and soul aware of the beauty within itself. A mind and soul focused on love. Heaven on earth will come to pass one shining spark of God at a time. Until one divine moment the sparks converge and our mortal plane outshines the sun.

{Today, at the 4pm inter-faith service with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the dais was covered with representatives of most major religions. It was a living, breathing example of peace and tolerance and respect for all people. It was compassion in action. It was Elysium.}

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