Thursday, September 21, 2006


Pope Innocent the 3rd is losing patience with me. His arms are crossed and his Papal shoe is tap, tap, tapping away. His eyes are squinty, and he is bursting at the seams. Bursting with excitement to divulge to the world the glories of having been in the presence of his Homey Lama 2 days in a row. If I hear him hum "Hello, Dolly" one more time, I may have no choice but to smother him with a prayer flag. However, that would not be compassionate or an expression of loving kindness. So the humming and the tapping and the beady-eyed squinting will have to go on while I digest and process and integrate the whole 3 day Dalai Lama experience.

For now, I will say that my life has indeed changed. I laughed and cried and was confirmed in things I already knew. I learned my personal spiritual practices are more Buddhist than I was aware. I encountered kindred souls and I gained more self acceptance. My heart has opened wider. I am now in a state of surrender, welcoming and awake to the goodness that is flowing towards me in all areas of my life.


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