Friday, September 01, 2006

Soulmates Revealed

A few of the soulmates who have stretched me, supported me and forced me to grow...

My cousin Lisa, pictured above on the left with me on the right. My favorite activity in life is laughing with Lisa.

My Great Onkel Franz, pictured above at 90 years old, with me, in his home in northern Germany. Onkle Franz sits in his living room chair in full view of a picture of me. He has placed 2 ceramic birds with my picture. He told me this spring, during my visit, he looks at my picture and the 2 birds and thinks of an old German song that says, "If I had wings, I would fly to you".

My 13 year old cat, Raindance Little Shoes, pictured above in her favorite walnut box. A more self-centered, demanding and love-giving cat does not exist.

Woody and Lisa. They have been with me for 22 years. Loving me and supporting me through unpopular choices I have made and traumas I have endured.

Ranaiah and Kat. My 2 spiritual sisters who have seen me through the bitter darkness and shared with me the joyful light.

My Dad. He has given me birds and stars and my philosopher's mind.

My cousin, Heidi. She is 7 years younger than me. When I first saw her as a newborn, in a cradle in a yellow room, my heart knew I had been waiting for her.

My childhood friend who reappeared in my life as an adult. She brought with her a beautiful lavender aura. She also brought her fundamentalist Christian mindset. She ended up thinking I was the devil.

Ben. He was the example in my life that even deeply loved best friends must sometimes be let go.

My co-worker, Don. He has helped to bring my comedic side out of the closet by sharing his great gift for physical comedy.

My co-worker, Janet. She is a walking prayer of grace and kindness.

The night nurse at the Erie County Medical Center who, 4 years ago, helped me through 16 days of hell and transition. She woke me up at 3am on Christmas morning to give me a present. A snowman statue holding the word "joy".

Susan. She is a bastion of encouragement and the greatst supporter of my creativity.

Rico. He was the one to face me down with my insane past habit of hearing 99 compliments and 1 criticism and focusing soley on the criticism.

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