Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Horse Power

Each time I drive in or out of Akron, I pass an Arabian horse farm. With 3 new babies in the ranks this year, there has been plenty of activity in the pastures. Lately, the whole herd appears to be turned out each afternoon as I drive by. As with any animal sighting I have, there is a Universal message calling my attention. The message, lately, is horse power.

In many cultures, horses represent power. Not power over others, but power over the self. Power of the self. Power within the self. This power, as symbolized by the horse, involves moving into greater personal freedom through releasing internal constraints. Through releasing prejudices, judgments and misguided beliefs. Through releasing narrow parameters that narrow my field of possibilities.

When horse shows up in force, it's time for me to stop limiting my own power. It's time for me to stop allowing my brain to overrule my heart. It's time for me to stop objecting to the timing and the packaging of opportunities that the Universe clearly drops in my path. It's time to stop the careful weighing and over-analyzing and jump in boldly with both feet. Up to my neck and beyond. It's time to stop complaining and start embracing. Embracing life and love and limitlessness.

Anything is possible when I take my own power. Anything is possible when I open my heart wide and let the unexpected in. Anything is possible when I unbridle myself of fear and allow the power of love free reign.

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  1. Huh. Seems we are on the same page again! Indeed, we need to open our hearts to the unknown.


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