Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this day

it's a 53 butterflies day. 21 were monarchs, flitting and lifting themselves into southbound slips of air. orange paper wings on journeys unknown, one roadway, one field at a time.

that second round of chemo, my god, or the third, or the unborn miniature heart that simply dissolved from your planned tomorrows, make for very dark days with no palpable lift.

but there is this day.

 on this day, the sun dodged clouds and shone just for you.

on this day, the starlings rose as one, buoyant above rows of yellowing corn, writing your name, your precious name on the calming force of the wind.

on this day, this day, 53 pairs of paper wings scattered prayers ahead on your path.

prayers of love, prayers of hope, reminders that you are never alone on this, your journey unknown.

{for 3 ladies dear to my heart and you, should you need a prayer or 2.}


  1. god. this is a prayer with 53 beads. stopping me to kneel down and count my gratitudes.


  2. Thank you. It is all about staying in this day.
    Interesting that that skill seems to need so much practice...

  3. yes. tears flowing, i feel your love. the light feathering of those wings.

  4. Anonymous9/19/2010

    A family of three Great Horned owls were right outside of my window tonight in San Francisco. It was so startling. I have some wonderful audio of them if you'd like me to email it to you.

    May I ask you if this can also be a positive sign? Every thing I read was so ominous… Thank you, Graciel.


  5. dear anonymous,

    i, personally, do not believe there are any ominous signs given by Nature. perhaps 'cautions' would be a better word, for we (you, me and everyone else) have the option in each moment to change our circumstances and fortunes. we are conditioned to think otherwise, to think we are helpless, but it isn't true unless we decide it is.

    so. 3 great horned owls? i am jealous beyond your wildest imaginings! 3 is the number of joy and creativity, and they were SINGING! i would watch for good things to happen in 3s (and be aware what we may be inclined to see as 'bad' is most times happening for our highest and best good).

    as well, trust your instincts and intuitions about people at this time. listen carefully to what people are saying and gauge it against your own gut reactions. if what they say and your gut are in conflict, trust your gut. the great horned owl has shown up to reveal truths to you, truths that will help you lead a more balanced, loving life. my gut is saying, you need to be more awake and aware about the people you surround yourself with. listen, and make wise choices as to who you share your confidences with and know who really, truly supports you.

    you can find my public email on my blogger profile page.

    lucky you and thanks for letting me know!!!


  6. What a wonderful post to put my nose in the first time after a long time I'm back in your sweet space again. Hmmmmm it feels warm and welcome.

    Gonna read all I've missed yet are not able to leave a comment on each and every one of them my friend.
    I've missed you big time.
    Talk soon. Hugs D.

  7. An amazing tribute--you are a gift to the world.


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