Monday, September 20, 2010

chasing after clouds

i've been chasing after clouds. i've been falling madly in love with semi-precious beads and learning how to hand knot my own necklaces. i've been playing with my cats and keeping track of black bears in minnesota. i've been making gingered applesauce and gathering ingredients for soups and coffee cakes and quick breads. i've been sitting in the sun. i've been reading and searching for the currently elusive next-great-book. i've been sweater shopping and kudos to me for bothering to buy gloves way before (hopefully) i need them. i've been cleaning and purging and frankly, my place still looks like a bomb went off in 2 rooms. i've been watching for birds. i've been listening to kurdish folk songs and who cares if i don't know the words.

i've been remembering to be grateful. because my mother gets to celebrate another birthday this week. because, no matter the mood of the day, i am blessed beyond words to be a part of this life.

and you?


  1. You made me smile with this one, Graciel. Happy birthday to your mother. Have a bite of coffee cake and sing a kurdish song for me too, will you? :-)

  2. This sounds like a perfect life to me, Graciel! :-)

  3. chasing after clouds is the best way to live life!
    uh oh, making jewelry is highly addictive...:)
    and you are so making me crave some homemade applesauce..i love to eat it while it's warm.
    i am feeling pretty blessed myself these days

  4. all those moments that make a blessed life. i've been dabbling my fingers in paint and agonizing and laughing at myself for doing so.

    you are learning jewelry knots. i am jealous.


  5. WHEW! You know how to ACT and you know how to APPRECIATE! You are so grounded. You are my inspiration.

  6. so nice on so many levels ... gingered applesauce sounds yummy and happy birthday to your Mother.

  7. Wow, what a rich life you have. I love reading your beautiful words, they make my life richer also :)

  8. Hi sweet Graciel, happy birthday (I'm sorry I'm late) with your mom.
    I'm so gladd she's still here with you.

    Still sending out prayers for you both.
    How's the Gipsy King doeing?
    Hugs Dagmar


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