Wednesday, September 29, 2010

there comes the forgiveness


i understand now.

on the long road to inner revolution,
after various levels of hell have been peered in to,
some visited for scorching levels of time,
after the cooling wonderment of joy has been remembered,
there comes the forgiveness.

self to self.
light, yet deep.

patience comes.
nourishment comes.
the weight of the world slips off.

it will all be forgotten.
too soon.

but, having come to this point on the road,
this point of intimate self-whispers,
when i am lost and scorched
i will find my way back.

and i will forgive again.


  1. I suppose that is the key, forgiveness. Because really, we are only forgiving ourselves because we have judged our worth against the standards of others.

    I'm tired of what others think.

  2. Anonymous9/29/2010

    Agreed. I am tired of allowing myself to believe in what I think others think. It is forgiveness and really, just allowing ourselves the room to be who we are, unliked parts, and all. I have been deeply in this for the past week and a half, and, I am beginning to see.

  3. oh my. this is so where i am right now. i love this.

  4. we never reach this point until we are too tired to care anymore, scorched, thirsty, pride gone at last. only then. how unfair that seems, but how true. i, too, am here at this place. it is beautiful and arid. hot and cold. there is wind.

    love this.


  5. Yes, yes to all of the comments above!! And also, for me, there is another layer of forgiveness that happens over & over again, like unravelling a king-sized afghan, when I grow tired of what I think of me too! Let it all blow away like dandelion...


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