Saturday, October 02, 2010

express your needs~ sign day 10-12-10

a little spark has ignited.

a match was struck with this post by debi and one line flew off the screen, begging to be spoken aloud... "life is just overwhelming at times, and we are all standing on a corner with a sign in our hands needing something".

my god, how true.

and so, what is the sign in your hands? what. do. you. need?

tell me.

from your gut and your soul.

if you have a blog, tell me in a post on tuesday, october 12th. write your sign and photograph it. write many signs if you have many needs. listen deeply to yourself. get creative. it does not have to be pretty.

express. your. truth.

on the 12th, leave a comment with your link so we can see what you need. leave a comment and link on debi's blog, as well. she and me are starting a sign revolution. obviously, we have needs.

are you in?

{what? you have no blog, but still have needs? tell me what your sign would say in the october 12th comments or post your sign on facebook and let us know!)


  1. i may just copy this post and paste it on my blog with kudos to you. you said it perfectly. we got needs.

    and now i am singing sly & the family stone's express yourself. :)


  2. so many needs, so few signs.
    i will be there.

  3. really doing this looking so forward :)

  4. good've got me thinking...

  5. S.K.J. got me started on this but I didn't have to think long to decide on my sign. I'll keep it a secret for now but this should be fun. See everybody next Tuesday.

  6. sounds like a great idea!
    Karen D (from unravel;ing)

  7. yes,yes...I'm in too Graciel!

  8. This is such a wonderful idea.
    I am in.

  9. Hi Sweetie, wow this is big. Hit me over the head at once. Hmmm I need to sit down and think about it...I might enter on wednesday.
    See you around. Hope you're fine.
    Hugs D.

  10. This is fantastic. I love this.
    I will participate.
    I'm excited
    Lynna g

  11. I love this idea too. I just hope I can figure out what I need by then...

  12. love love love this!! it's almost 10/12/10 so my link's up:

  13. Anonymous10/12/2010

    Love the idea so I've posted my current need. Great idea.


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