Sunday, October 17, 2010

autumn views~winner, winner

it takes one to know one~ the leaver of secret surprises, the bestower of small gifts meant to uplift. i've sprinkled some around in my time. and so i recognized a crumpled, slightly damp fold of paper wedged in a crevice of a tree.

it was a thrill to unfold the paper and find a hand-colored cartoon holding a bag of money...for me. and then, i spied the next folded wedge and found an offering of flowers and butterflies. on the back of each secret work of art was written, "winner, winner, chicken dinner".

truly, i felt like a winner having discovered those little gifts. i decided not to keep them but instead, put them back in the crevices for the next lucky soul who looks for things half hidden.

thank you, sponge bob. my beliefs are constantly reaffirmed~that there is goodness and joy and warmth being bestowed in all directions. it is ours to freely notice and accept. it is ours to pass on. and too, messages, coded in crayon or not, are finding their way into our hearts and minds, leading us gently and giving us courage to share our best selves with the world.


  1. sweet is that! :-D

  2. I love this! And the idea that we can all create "little crevice treasures" all over the place, in myriad forms. Sa-weet!

  3. Oh my god....this reminded me I used to do stuff like this with my best friend (still have her in my life) was so much fun. I might pick it up again hearing you love it too....
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me.
    Sweet hugs Dagmar

  4. How great that you stumbed upon these lovely little messages, especially after your recent posts of signs, these reminded me of the lovely film,
    'The Secret Life of Bees' hope you've seen it.

    Hugs Jane

  5. This was wonderful. I so enjoyed this post.
    Inspiring/ Energizing. Uplifting. All of these.

  6. I am soooo smiling right now!


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