Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 lessons

2 lessons to be learned~

*caring for each other is
a privilege and 
deserving of top priority.

*knowing when to
keep our mouths shut.

{may we all be quick studies}


  1. I love the photo-namely the garden looks lovely!

  2. :-) Words of wisdom...

  3. Dear Graciel,
    Hope you can find a few seconds to hop on my corner, just because... you will enjoy what today brings on your way *SURPRISE*

    Lots of love~

  4. Anonymous10/28/2010

    Hi beautiful lady. Butterflies came up yesterday and I found myself sharing your etsy work with many friends. I've introduced more new people to your blog. I always tell them how you helped me help myself. I'm always thinking of you and loving you, though our busy and far-flung lives seem to keep us from talking much. Just wanted you to know I am out here, thriving, butterflying around, and I am to be a grandmother in January. A new hat for me to wear! You continue to inspire me in all I do daily. I love you Graciel!

  5. no. two is my lifelong lesson...apparently what i am here to learn.

    (love your sweater!)

  6. wow, two very powerful lessons!



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