Monday, November 01, 2010

Let Me Celebrate Her

like the moon,
come out from behind the clouds.

the buddha

for you, debi, with love for the beauty of your soft turquoise soul and the magical stream of words that pour from your heart. my life is richer because you came out from behind the clouds and let your essence shine over the world. i celebrate you and your treasured painting today with a tiny white cake and a bird. you matter to me. you bless me. you honor me with understanding. muchas gracias, amiga, for your love and company along life's less traveled road.

xo, graciel
to see who else is mad for debi, please visit amy and her brilliant celebration idea.


  1. de superbes photos

  2. Oh my word, this is *fabulous*!!! I love that you included her painting! And of course, the cake and the bird (the whole thing, really) is lovely. I am so thrilled to have you at the party! Debi really does shine, doesn't she? ♥

  3. Today has been quite the celebration. Thank you for this scrumptious cake and the pictures. Debi's painting - it looks gorgeous sitting and waiting for a piece of cake. How privileged I am to meet you through Debi and Amy.
    Thank you.

  4. These are, of course, the most perfect image of all to celebrate Debi. How wonderful.

  5. what a sweet little shrine, a sweet little bird, you both shine.

  6. So soft and kind and sweet...and what a beautiful name you have, as well.

  7. Lovely in every way!

  8. i love seeing the painting by the cake and of course, the bird. and the hidden quote. :)

    you are the one who knows my thoughts as your thoughts, we are so often saying the same thing at the same time. my friend, my sister of my heart.

    bless you for this, for taking time for a celebration within this time of your grieving. i think of you ofen and send thoughts your way.

    love you much.

  9. What a perfect, sweet & beautiful tribute.


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