Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Date Night

At long last, I have a date. With a hero. With a heart of gold. With a man who makes a difference in this world. Me and Greg Mortenson. Tonight. I'm weak in the knees...

I'll try to ignore the 6,000 other people in the room.


  1. Lucky you! He has done so much to make this world a better place. Peace through literacy. I have a permanent link to his charity on my side bar. It would be terrific to hear him speak:)

  2. Good for you, and guess what there will be no body else in that room, just the two of you.
    Hugs and have fun.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2010

    Hello Graciel,
    I've just discovered your beaufiful blog and look forward to going back over the many postings.
    I landed on your site while trying to make sense of an owl sighting (my first ever in 59 yrs on Earth) I experienced yesterday.
    I was walking w/my dog. It was barely dusk. I saw my mail carrier aiming her cellphone camera into the sky and wondered what she might be trying to capture, in such dim light. I glanced upwards and, lo and behold, there was a very large and regal looking owl perched on the telephone wire just above our heads. We -- the mail carrier, my dog, and me -- stood there for several seconds, exchanging looks with the owl, who gazed at us in what I took as a 'meaningful' way... but what does it mean? Thanks for any insight you may provide.

  4. Dear B,

    How exciting for you!! Instinct and wild guessing make me think it was a great horned owl, a bird, I too, have witnessed in the dim light of evening.

    So, let's be literal about the sighting, as many messages from nature are simple and straight forward: a large owl on a telephone wire, above you. There is likely an issue in your life that needs to be communicated and nothing less than then truth will do to make it right and make it work. Intelligence and the higher mind should be employed in the communication, more so than the emotions. I wonder if the issue has to do with endings of some kind? Regardless, the truth needs to be expressed and from that, despite any initial discomfort that may ensue, more balance will be invoked in your life. With the addition of your dog, who represents loyalty, be loyal to yourself by speaking your truth and set yourself free.

    all my best,

  5. Dagmar,

    Your sweetness warms my heart. But sometimes, subtle humor does not translate well into other languages. I did not actually go on a date meant for Mr. Mortenson and me alone. I went to hear him speak of his mission of peace, and 6,000 others went as well.

    But, I DO have a schoolgirl crush on him! :)

    xo, Graciel

  6. Anonymous11/14/2010

    Thanks so much for your prompt, thought-provoking, and comforting reply. I'm starting now on a journey to find the owl's message for me... thanks for the roadmap!

  7. B,

    Here's to a safe journey. Let me know how it goes!


  8. Yes he is an amazing guy isn't he...busy reading 3 cups of tea his first bk and then stones for schools...even though I'm not I think he's doing an amazing job...we need more like him...


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