Sunday, November 21, 2010

so said the buck

in the active quiet that currently fills my mind and my days, messages are being delivered. i notice them, make note of them and calmly move along. absent is the inner fanfare and hype that used to accompany the repetitious, there-is-no-such-thing-as-coincidence blips on my radar screen. there is only a nod and a thank you and a "yes, i see it. again.". then, contemplation.

the messages of late, strung out for weeks and accelerating today, are being delivered by the deer family in general, and bucks in particular. it's mating season, it's hunting season, and my luck with bucks would be the envy of  most men in camouflage. antlers are prolific for me. standing at the roadside, sauntering across traffic and barreling left to right like a freight train. in unprecedented numbers, the boys with nubs to 10 point head gear are silently speaking up.
the youngest buck, who succumbed to traffic and died on the grass, told me to leave the impulses and frantic energy of youth behind me, to gracefully let the tide of spring be washed away. 

the oldest buck, the locomotive force of majestic maturity, showed me the power of channeled determination. years of learning and experience, coupled with obedience to instinct, can transform the seemingly untransformable, and command  the will of the wind. so-called late bloomers, take note, he said.

the 6 pointers and the 8, steady and careful while crossing black-topped terrain,  reminded me to let myself be lured to new adventures. to trust my expanding perceptions. to remember that gentleness affords a grander, more accurate view of the way things really are.

{ the littlest buck, who could no longer stand by the time i first saw him on the grass, let me pet his ear after he died and i tell you, it was the softest, most glorious thing.}


  1. god, this made me cry. even with all the attention paid, the lessons listened to, it made me cry. but i am grateful to you for passing along the wisdom - i, too, am listening.


  2. yes, whew, the tears. they started with the pictures.
    but the listening, that is a good thing, we are all listening.

  3. I'm with Debi. Crying. WTH? How is it that you draw in the most divine experiences?
    You are a magnet for Universal knowledge, and this blog is the vessel of deliverance. Thank you so much.

    I too had an encounter with a deer years ago, it predicted my fate rather accurately so I always now look to the animal kingdom for a sign. How can I not?

    I'm a believer. Like you!
    Love Gillian

    p.s. that deer chose you.

  4. yes, i know. how odd to take pictures of a dead deer. ( and you thought it would only be birds). but, well, the exquisite beauty of natural beings is often unavailable up close until they expire. in documenting, i seek to honor the essence and spirit of the creature, to acknowledge that it mattered and blessed this planet with its presence.

    it is not the death part that brings me to tears, it is the suffering i sometimes witness before the end has come that ruins me.

  5. How strange that I should choose this week to tell my tale of sighting one of these magnificent creatures, the very same that you too were witnessing them everywhere. It must have been so sad to photograph such a young buck struck down by the very fact of living in territory abounded by road. The sky is mirrored in his eye,and you can see his eyelashes grey against the green lush,I too would have had to stroke his head and ears.
    Your writing is wonderful dear Graciel...I shall aspire to be fearless along with you!
    Jane x


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