Sunday, November 14, 2010

the art and the dance

i am learning that when some one you love dies, a void sweeps in. there is confusion as to how to live fully in the world without their presence and their particular brand of harnessing wind and molecules. memories and touchstones lay salve along the singed edges of the void.

i am also learning that to sit in the void, in silence, brings an echo from deep within. that echo, for me, reverberating along the walls of the void, carries the words art and nature up to the surface. in those words, those emotion-filled, dream-filled, soul-purpose words, a map seeks to form as to how to i can live in the world anew.

so, i walk, outdoors, with camera in hand, and i follow the echo. i am inevitably led to trees. stalwart, life-giving, holders-of-secrets-in-plain-sight trees. i lean against them and i look up. my shutter clicks. and there, in the limbs exposed to autumn's air, i see the art and i see the dance and i begin to remember how to harness the wind.


  1. Beautiful post, I too have found nature to be a healing salve when dealing with loss of loved ones. Hugs.

  2. Those trees are dancing for sure, Graciel. Follow their lead, and you'll be back in the dance again soon too. Beautiful photos. Hugs to you.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2010

    Extra beautiful and inspired photos.

    The New Normal...that is what you are seeking, or at least, that is what we have come to call life following the exit of a fur or skin suit. :)

    Much love.

  4. I see it all, in those photos, the art, the nature, the dance and the echo. You have magical vision. Magical. xoxo

  5. oh, they are dancing and they are happy about it! they are reaching for the sky, and so are you. it's where the wind lives.


  6. Ohh your words always sink in sooo deep my dearest. Do take the stenght of the trees they are there for you my friend.
    Be well.
    Hugs Dagmar

  7. You have a wonderful soul Graciel!

    Hugs Jane x

  8. I love the concept of dancing trees and I love that they are reaching for the sky together. What a beautiful post xxx


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