Friday, November 05, 2010

suddenly clear

today, i reacquaint myself with angels.
today, i lift my heart to new possibilities.
i aim my thoughts towards goodness and peace.
i sing songs meant only for me.
i daydream in vivid color.
i speak gratitude.

i step lightly over the bridge.
my soul is ready to be worn.
the meaning of home is suddenly clear.


  1. sing a song meant only for you, you beautiful woman. the angels are glad to say hello once again, we remember when you were born, they say. Happy birthday, they say.

    Me too. Sing loudly and dance lightly - it is your day. Happy happy birthday!!


  2. Beautiful post, have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Just beautiful hugs for you my friend.

  4. Oh, glorious!! :-)
    May we all harvest this!

  5. sing and dance and eat luscious cupcakes and smile, and maybe even giggle a little. happy, happy birthday!

  6. Anonymous11/09/2010

    Happy Birthday Dear One!
    It is my birthday this month, too, and I am taking your words and photos to heart! Thank you for writing them and touching my soul.
    I send you harp music as you are driving in the car. . .a white feather from heaven spotted on a walk outdoors. . .a candle lit in a mosaic glass holder. . .and a wish made that comes true in your new birth year.
    With magic*~*~*~*~*~*

  7. Lovely lovely photos Graciel, and the colours oh! the colours!

    And such a lovely Poem. x

    Hugs Jane

  8. I just found your site via a thousand links till I'm not sure how I got here.

    But I like it and feel full of pretty songs. Thank you for your words--they sing so loud to me.


  9. Oh I am late, belated happy birthday wishes to you Graciel:)
    By the way, is it the Bosphorus Bridge #2 photo in this article? First one also so nice, hmm light and we have similar of those lamps here, as you know.


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