Friday, October 15, 2010

autumn views~the sitting tree

i have known for many years that trees, mature trees, are healers. i seek them out when need calls, whether physical, mental or emotional. leaning against them, i am soothed. almost on contact. but the sitting tree with its perfect root seat, its footrest, and  my back at a comforting angle against the lower trunk offers healing of a level i have never found before. it is a magical embrace that bestows peace at a soul-deep level. it is guardian and mother all in one. the highest order of maple; inconspicuous, yet willing.

the sitting tree wanted me to tell you, it has counterparts all over the world. it wanted me to tell you to seek them out when you have needs not easily soothed. they are waiting, patiently, by creek beds and river beds to listen, to heal, to offer you the balance of heaven and earth within.


  1. What a marvelous spot to sit and take it all in and meditate for a while. I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the creek in the video too. Watching and listening to the sounds of water (creeks, rivers, oceans) has always been a healing force for me. Very calming and peaceful. Hope you have a lovely and restful weekend, Graciel.

  2. Great pictures and great music- Graciel, seems like the same in Austria, so nearly whole world is in Autuum now.
    I love this saison with the smell of leaves on ground- know, in a few weeks this is gone and than for one months it will be quiet.
    Blessed be

  3. a wonderful, wonderful spot! i spent my growing up years in the southern arizona desert and trees still fascinate me - the older i get, the more i value their friendship. love this.


  4. when i was a teenager i used to go to a cemetery near my parents house, there was a healing tree there where i sat often. i do believe that trees have souls. i love your sitting tree.

  5. Hi Graciel, what a wonderful spot you've got yourself there. the surroundings could be easely here in my neighbourhood (wich you will discover in spring...yeahaaa).
    But that tree it need it for this weekend. Can I borrow it from you for 3 days. I'm going out hiking and camping and my sore back needs support during the time at the campfire....tell it please I need it and he might spread the words by the leafs so I will find my tree in Belgium tonight.
    Wonderful hugs. D.

  6. How wonderful Graciel, I so wish I had 'a sitting tree' near to me too!

    It all looks so peaceful, thank you so much for the short film again.

    Hugs Jane

  7. that made me smile my big wide smile because the healing tree I mentioned in my comment on your last post, I used to leave notes and poems there, much like this. No chicken dinner, but hey, you can't have everything... :)

  8. This sitting tree is an amazing, ancient tribute to Nature.


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