Wednesday, October 20, 2010

feathers fresh and wet

in the end she was but a bird, struggling, pleading with her eyes to be set free. her vivacious and sometimes difficult life, her legendary creations in food and fiber, her stubbornness and her big hearted ways, were done. as can happen in the closing moments of a long life, the person is almost unrecognizable. the great animating force of the soul deflates in preparation for new-born flight.

i held her hands. she squeezed mine back. i offered rapid fire kisses to her forehead, the same as i would for a child. i looked her long and steady in the eye. i spoke of love. she heard me.

more of her family came. tears flowed, soft songs were sung, in her native tongue they spoke of home. on that buoyant wave she let the struggle go. she slipped out of the room, her feathers fresh and wet, full life behind and full life ahead.

what a privilege, dearest oma, to be one of your girls. so long and so deep i've loved you.

luise christine~ july 1919 to october 2010.


  1. Oh Graciel, I'm so sorry to hear that your dear oma has passed. This post is a very loving tribute to her. I know how much you will miss her. Hugs to you, my friend. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Anonymous10/20/2010

    Love and peace to you.

  3. daisy, your heart is so big! thank you for this and all your generous comments. xo

  4. may the gentle touch and the whisper of the wind wrap you in the knowing that love's light transcends. xoxoxo my sister blue

  5. Anonymous10/21/2010

    Oh, Graciel, sending you so much light and love. Oma's sparkle suit is gorgeous, I am positive of this. Peace to you in this transition time.

  6. though i knew of this, i still cried while reading. full life ahead. it is a birthing process, this letting go.

    i am glad you were there.


  7. the tears flowed here, at reading this. a beautiful tribute.
    i am so sorry to hear this, the whisperings of those wings. sending you hugs and hope and love.

  8. I like your blog, is interesting.

  9. Oh, Graciel, what a beautiful telling of that most intimate & beautiful moment to share with another.
    Sweet love & comfort to your heart.

  10. Safe journey Luise Christine. x

    I'm sending you hugs and hugs dear Graciel.xOOOOOx

    Your words are so beautiful. I dreamt the other night of entering a room where softly all the girls began to sing, it was really really uplifting.Maybe I heard you all, just maybe.....

    Much love to you
    Jane x

  11. a beautiful, beautiful tribute.

  12. and still in the face of this most precious passing, you are a poet.

    i think you know many things, dear G.

    Oma is blessed to have been just that, your Oma. she glides forth carrying legend of you and those she held dear...until you meet again....


    sorry sweetie, it is never easy
    gillian xo

  13. Ohh my dearest Graciel, tears are running down my cheeks. I'm so so sorry you've lost your beloved oma. Your tribute to here is beyond words....she's flying away with her wet wings hearing your voice speak to her and she thanks you for your butterfly kisses.
    Take care my friend. I'm with you by heart.
    Holding you for long Hugs Dagmar

  14. Oh! Just now reading this news!!!

    Hugs of love and peace, comfort and care to you, dear Kindred.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing Oma stories with us. We are blessed by them.
    What a special, special relationship.

    And, yes, LOVE expressed at that moment ~ when beings are transitioning ~ is the purest truth we know.

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I always appreciate the time you take to comment on my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Peace from my heart to yours. xo, Graciel