Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sign Day: needs expressed

thank you, christine!

"life is just overwhelming at times,
and we are all standing on a corner
with a sign in our hands needing something".

debi smith kaich jones 

and so. my signs.
at least, the ones i could show you.

now, yours.
tell me true.
leave a link in the comments to your pictures.
or just use the comment space to type out
watcha be needing right now.

then visit debi for more.


  1. i am laughing because you have not seen my signs yet, and i need delicious, too. these look so easy, so spontaneous, no agonizing, just knowing. someday, a bonfire, and we'll burn them all, no longer needed.

    ps - you look mahhhvelousss!!


  2. I love your signs Graciel...and it's so nice to see you too. Much love to you for stiking that match!

    My "sign' is here:


  3. you are brilliant.

  4. clever signage! Thanks for this project...come have a looksee at mine! http://diddebdoit.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-signs.html

  5. love these!!!! yay, i hope they are met today and every day! my need is expressed at my blog (i only did one today since i got a headstart last tuesday).

  6. Hi here is my sign http://unconventionalquestions.blogspot.com/ I see some familiar handwritting in the signs...hmmm

  7. Eliazara10/12/2010

    I need to love and be loved in return... but not in that mushy mushy Wayne Dyer love the world stuff, that I already do. I need a cute, stable, caring guy to settle down and share the rest of my life with!

  8. Anonymous10/12/2010

    Oh, I LOVE your signs, Graciel, and am super proud of you for being so visible. ;)

    Here's mine!


  9. here is a post from LUCY~be sure to stop by for her sign.


  10. That was fun thank you- great idea and now the fun of reading other sighage

    My sign is on my blog

  11. so many things to need, it was so hard to narrow it down but in the end i chose the things i cannot live without.

    and i am still thinking about it, especially the hope, because hope could have been the biggest word, and maybe it should have, i'm still not sure.

    i love your signs, and your heart, which you wear on your sleeve in all it's gorgeousness...

    here's to happy things, and deliciousness.

  12. Hi there! I'm new here. :-)

    Christine invited me to join the fun, and so I did! Thanks for the inspiration!


  13. Oh yours are great...
    I've got mine at up today as a special edition at:


  14. I especially love the "happy thing" sign. I need that too--it's something I struggle with, but when I can manage it, it works so beautifully. One of the fastest and most successful ways for me to move on to the next happy thing is to go for a drive in the country. It always calms me down and reminds me of the beauty in the world. =)

  15. Great signs and great idea. Thanks!


  16. Much love to you Graciel, thank you so much for your care and these lovely pics of you!

    Hugs Jane

  17. Ohhh this is great. Love to see you again it's always such a pleasure. How did you do this go out with a friend or did you use a tripod? I 'm not sure if I could do this the way you did so in the open...brrrr people would stare at me while I'm at it and I'm so much better behind the camera. Like my previous post....brrrr gladd it was pitch dark so I didn't feel to exposed.
    Well done and I love your signs.
    Work on them. Hugs D.

  18. I need to spend more time living, less time blogging about living.

    So, with that in mind, let me say Emma Tree pointed me here and this is an awesome idea ...one I won't (probably) be participating in on a blog, but might be thinking about.

    Another big one is:
    I need faith
    I need self-controll
    I need LESS self-indulgence.

    A million self-indulgences add up to a person you can't feel good about.

    (paraphrase from The Illumined Heart...and a sentence I can't remember the exact wording of but which keeps coming to me this week).

    And right now...
    I need sleep.


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