Wednesday, October 13, 2010

autumn views~ slide show


  1. Neat pictures, Graciel! We are in the middle of some great color in the leaves here.

  2. I found your blog through Nourish the Soul....and I'm drawn to it. I'm going back through and reading your previous posts. So many are written as if my heart had wrote them. So many are exactly where I am at right now. I even printed a few so that I can re-read them or just tuck them away in my journal. thanks for being beautiful, thanks for being open. p.s., the ones that my mind turn over and over are the dead bird pictures. So precious and so sad.

  3. aawww, meghan. you are so very kind. i'm glad you found me. welcome, from my heart.

    each bird, in that moment, did feel precious!

    thanks for letting me know you're here.
    xo, graciel

  4. I hope that after you took the pictures, you slid down the slide. :)

  5. These are sweet...I especially LOVE the first one...the reflection and texture of the leaves are perfect! so sweet! I also loved your signs - how creative!


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