Wednesday, September 01, 2010

One Last Time

to my great joy, at the last, there was a first. creamsicle came right up to the front of the cage and meowed at me when i arrived. i opened the door and he was a fool for being petted. almost as if he was saying, "guess what, guess what? we're going home! thank you, we're going home!" at one point he leaned out the door to show me he is ready. he's come a very long way,  that one.

and blue. he's a dyed in the wool sling-me-over-your-shoulder cat. i could barely pet cream for blue's insistence on jumping into my arms, over and over. the woman he owns next will get little accomplished with his demanding schedule for love. stephanie, quite happily, has born the privilege of satiating that need since blue arrived at her shelter.  it's hard not to love the blue skidoo.

they will be indoor cats at a large house in the country. 3 other cats already live there. i have no doubt they will be happy to have a tribe again. what i wanted for them, abundant food and water, furniture for lounging,  windows for birdwatching and responsible love, they will have.

i lingered today, petting and schmoozing, reminding them to be good and thanking them over and over for the gifts they've set indelibly in my heart. and because i will never see them again, i started to cry on the way out the door.

but my own little remmington cat was waiting for me in the window. when i opened the door, he jumped into my arms and i slung him over my shoulder. with that, the tears were gone and i was home.


  1. it has been a long road, longer, surely, than you expected when you began. and tonight my tears are happy ones, and tears for you because you are the wonderful woman you are, and for cream & blue and the magic wonderful life they will have. it has been a long time coming. i know cats have memories - don't ask how i know, i just do - and i know they will always have you in their hearts, as you will always have them in yours. they look so happy! so healthy!

    i think of all the birds you have buried, their souls gone or almost gone when you arrived, and i think of these cats and know this was meant to be.

    bye sweet blue, bye mr. creamsicle. we love you, all of us out here who've never met you.

    and you too, dear graciel. you too.


    PS - that 3rd picture from the top is a look of love. they know - they know. bless you.

  2. Oh yes, everything that Debi said...
    this made me cry too, and that Blue, oh I am in love with him a little, even if from afar...
    So, so happy for you and for them and for their new owner and their new kitty friends.
    So many lives touched by two little kitties...

  3. I'm so glad you had closure this morning at least. that picture of Blue over your shoulder is just the best!

  4. I just found your blog while searching for owl meanings and I am happy I found you! I had a vision of an owl and wolf about a month or two ago and since then I have been seeing owls symbols everywhere!!! Like owl ear rings necklaces and even a advertisement for a film on owls. They always catch my eye :) Just thought I share with you :)

  5. Excessive Kitty Love is very special...I cried when I read your post, because it is so darn sweet. When kitties are thankful, they just love and love and love...that is so special. My son says, "It's really special when the kitties choose you to sleep on. I think it means you are really calm and you talk sweet and you must be warm, don't you think mom?" Yes, I think so.

  6. what a gift and what a loss. Life is just bittersweet but you are simply wonderful. The way you helped those cats.... Some happy new cat parents out there I imagine.

  7. Oh Graciel, I am so glad to hear such happy news for those gorgeous cats. You really are an inspiration in the compassion and strength you share. Well done you :)

  8. Just beautiful.

    Such great gifts exchanged between Beings!

    *thank you*

  9. Anonymous9/02/2010

    You have 'stick-to-it-ive-ness'; what a great trait! And their new situation sounds IDEAL! Congrats!

  10. Dear Graziel,
    when i met your blog by searching, i was nearly crying. i am a big cat lover and all the cats in the courts i would like to adopt, but its not possible, so i will help everywhere i can for these poor animals all over the world.

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    stay well and healthy
    Your's Hexenessel

  11. Anonymous9/03/2010

    Blue craves human affection to replenish his own coffers because needy Cream requires constant love, care, and reassurance from him. Makes perfect sense to me!

  12. Oh that's such good news! They look so well and healthy now compared to when we first met them. How wonderful that they will now be loved and cared for in their new home.

    Thank you for posting all about them Graciel.


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