Monday, September 13, 2010

the joy project~ joe's farm market

it's the season of bountiful.
niagara grapes, prune plums,
macintosh apples, silver queen corn.

and pumpkins.
praise be the orange gourd~
my favorite form of dirt cheap happiness.
5 big ones, 8 little ones
and i'm not done yet.

{for those of you in the buffalo area, be sure to stop by and see my friend, joe, for local bounty and the best price on pumpkins. he's the young upstart with years of corn and bean picking under his belt, and now he's the guy in charge. find his open-air, bustling business at 11072 main st. in clarence, across from antique world. be sure to pick up his homemade jams while you're there.}


  1. Wonderful! I want one of those plums! :D

  2. Making my mouth water! And I LOVE that top pumpkin image!!!

  3. sigh.... i love fall! i need to go find me a white favorite.


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