Tuesday, September 07, 2010

lean into the suffering

i tell you, lean into the suffering. bend down to meet the fears lurking in the cellar of your subconscious. wake them. rattle them. bear the storm that flows up from the depths. bear it because you can. bear it to know, to finally let yourself know, you are stronger than you imagined. the monsters, the habitual reactions, the stories you cling to and think that define you, they are illusions. they are wardens of a gate-less prison.

stop living in the half-light. once upon a time your methods of deflection and defense were all you could do to keep yourself safe. all these years later, your methods no longer serve you. make the choice to be separate no longer. separate from the great love. separate from yourself. lean into the suffering to break free.

see it. all of it.

acknowledge it. all of it.

feel it.

feel it until you think you might just as well die than endure one more stab of pain from the stories in your cellar.

let the stories die.

in that death, the death of not-you, light will come. wardens will be released. colors will be more vivid. you will feel a new weight, a reassuring weight in your gut, in your cellar. it will be your heart taking up an expanded residence within you, shining its light and writing new stories only love can tell.

{for christine, who will understand.}

I'm honored to have my ABC's featured as a guest post at the collaborative and delightful blog, SPRING~ Inspiration In Bloom. Thank you to Michelle, Carolyn, Tiffany and Jess.


  1. Anonymous9/07/2010

    This is so beautiful, Graciel, and I certainly DO understand. :)

    It reminds me a lot of what Erich Schiffmann was trying to get us to understand at his workshop: that we can slide into this place of Big Mind, because we ARE Big Mind. There is no becoming, only remembering. :)

  2. Hi Graciel - This spoke to me as well and although I am not the Christing it was intended for, this Christine derived benefit as well!

  3. how did i miss this? you are right, you are right, but the hardness of this stops me cold, i admit it right out loud. and yet the truth of it moves me forward one step closer. i stop again.

    not yet there, but on my way.


  4. Amazingly moving! Thank you.

  5. new stories only love can tell.

    i love this. i get this, on levels deeper than i am even aware of.

    i am entering that circle of light, one toe at a time, golden.


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