Friday, September 24, 2010

the joy project~riding with roses


  1. wow! what a passenger or 2 for the passenger seat! GORGEOUS!

    (at first i thought you were talking about our upcoming rose parade in october. i think i may be riding a firetruck!)

    thank you for this more-than-bit-o-beauty this morning!!


  2. Oh my! So lovely!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend,Graciel. :)

  3. did you buy all of those to celebrate the winning of the painting? :)

    i am so, so happy that you won...

    and i want your job, riding around with all those roses.

  4. Yes, Graciel, that's what I was thinking: celebratory roses! How gorgeous! And I am picturing roses on every flat surface, in all kinds of glass encoutremont...then rose petals all over the bathroom floor & in the water, then dried in book pages for art later...Beaty everlasting!

  5. actually, skye, my mom got all the roses. she dispersed some to others.

    when i attend a floral conference, product is given away, including roses. i love to spread joy around, so i am not shy about taking a big heap. :)

  6. Hopefully you're driving my my door is open already and vase are put here to be filled with these beauties.

    Do show us what you create with them.
    Hugs D.
    by the way it's wonderful to be back I've missed you. CU around my dear friend.


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