Friday, October 30, 2009


Yes, there will be more of adventures by the sea.
Yes, there will be more of the Gypsy King.

I like that little word, "yes".
So much more freeing than "no".

Say it with me now. Let yourself go.
Take a leap you could not,
would not dare to yesterday.


{Photo: jeans district by the grand bazaar, istanbul. october 2009.}


  1. YES!!!!! And more Yesses!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures...

  2. Graciel,
    I am humbled and honored to have been invited into your very special blog world. I am speechless, and in awe of your amazing gifts and precious talents.
    My journey through your blog has only just begun...and I am already eager to see every bit of it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    See you on Tuesday..

  3. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!!

    I miss you :(

    Can we talk by phone soon?


  4. Yes, just say yes to all you are going through...


I always appreciate the time you take to comment on my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Peace from my heart to yours. xo, Graciel