Sunday, October 18, 2009

Many Thanks

To all the lovely ladies who sent their blessings through comments on my blog, through emails or directly in person, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This journey I am on is not easy. Getting to Istanbul was not easy. (You should have seen the mess I was before the plane touched down and then making my way through the airport to find the Gypsy King.) Being in Istanbul was not always easy. (Fairy tales usually have difficult moments.) Leaving Istanbul was not easy. (Hello 3 buckets of tears as I left the Gypsy King behind.) Being home again, processing the enormity of it all, and keeping my shit together is not easy.

But easy is not always worthwhile. Sometimes, to advance the state of one's life, it becomes necessary to free-fall off the cliff of uncertainty and trust the lift and support will find your wet wings in time.

I thank you all for the lift and support.


  1. I was/still am impressed by your courage, and thrilled/happy by a real life fairy tale happening to someone whom I may not know personally, but feel bound to in some extraordinary way. My heart goes out to you now - I know this must be incredibly difficult and scary still as you figure things out. As you will - and I cannot wait to see what happens.

    :) Debi

  2. Such an adventure you've been
    having! I know you must have
    had a blast! One of these days
    we have to hear all about this
    fairy tale about meeting the
    Gypsy King....

    Thank you for the lift and support of your words - you are such an

  3. What I am learning...and the lessons are that there really are no mistakes. Ever. Whether I'm choosing a paint colour for the living room or a life partner from half way around the world (which I did btw), it's all about following my heart. I may decide someday that I don't like pink walls or that this person isn't a "forever" partner after all. But I trust that if it fills my heart to overflowing right here, right now
    ...then it's NEVER a mistake.

    (or I may decide I absolutely love pink walls for ever and ever!)

    Whatever you decide will be perfect.

  4. You know Graciel that this path you're on right now leads you to newer greater things in life. So put on your hikingboots and stay strong, keep walking and going.

    Light will always find you and shine on you even if the forrest is dense. The spirits will always follow and guide you.
    Be well my friend. Lovely hugs Dagmar

  5. You are *so* welcome!

    It is truly an honor to witness the journey of life that is unfolding before and within you, dear Graciel.

    Your courage gives me strength to face my own uneasiness ~ and the necessity of free-falling.

    Here's to flapping our wings together! :-)

  6. Anonymous10/20/2009

    REMEMBER: Do NOT become discouraged! Your journey has only just begun. You must continue to declare your heart's desires. You are so worthy of life's abundance in all of it's glorious manifestations. Release anything/anyone which does not support this for you!

    Say it. Believe it. Own it.


  7. ahhhh, love. what can compare?

    your photos are so amazing. i want to go with you next time. ;)


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