Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All That I Leave Behind

I have so much to tell you; of Turkish streets and shops and food and the non-stop, flawless weather. Of the sea, my newly beloved sea. But it will all have to wait. Because today, this bitter and sweet today, I leave for home. Yet, I also leave home behind.

I leave the cats, I leave the boats, I leave my Gypsy King. But I take with me a handful of blue Turkish tiles, tumbled by the Marmara tide. And a heart so full it fills the sky.

To be continued...


  1. Hi there Graciel, I'm so sorry I missed half of your trip (but didn't forget you at all)and you were so close to me on this side of the ocean. We could almost reached out our hand and .....

    Are you already back in the US? I'll send you a mail soon. Hugs and love Dagmar

  2. oh sweetie, how wonderful.

  3. Considering our conversation in March, these last posts have been most joyful for me!!! I'm so glad you followed your heart!!!

    With so much love,

  4. It has been so lovely to read of your love story and I hope it continues as soon as possible.

  5. Boo and yay at the same time! Let me know when you are back home safely.

  6. The beauty of all of this ~ your amazing journey of love and what you've discovered there in an enchanted foreign land ~ has broken my heart wide open.

    I look at your photos and weep, sensing just how often we close ourselves off from such incredible goodness and delight ~ and rejoicing in the knowledge that you have found (and been gifted with) this life-altering treasure.

    Traveling mercies to you, dear one. Much grace and peace to you during re-entry.

  7. It has been a beautiful time...following your journey. My favorite part: "To be continued..."

  8. so much beautiful treasure. xoxox


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