Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Gypsy King and Me

I am here, by the sea, because of many things. Patience. Faith. Fortitude. Learning the hard lessons of listening to my own instincts, regardless of outer contradictions. Above all, allowing my true self to rise to the fore. This being by the sea is a story long in the making. Yet, it has only just begun.

You will find very few references in my previous five hundred something posts to the long-in-the-making part of this story. I can be quite private in my transparency. But for more than 2 and a half years, it has been there, this story. It has shaped me, filled me, and burned me to the ground. It is a love story beyond even my own imaginings. It is, however, not easy.

But who said love is easy? It is the hardest thing to do in the world on some days. Even sunny days by the sea. Make no mistake, my phoenix feathers have been sopped by tears now and again amid the scads of gold around my neck while dining at a palace, amid the bear hugs ( he is a bear), amid the body-guard protection while weaving through Istanbul crowds, amid the cultural differences between the Gypsy King and me. Tears. During the adventure of a lifetime.

Each tear is discussed at length and each discussion leads me deeper into understanding- of myself and how ready for love I really am. Not small, cautious love, not skim-the-surface love, but love as deep as the sea. The Gypsy King and me.


  1. I clicked on here to say something and find myself almost without words. Because there are none. But there is a HUGE smile on my face and a fluttery happiness in my heart & belly for both of you, and hands applauding your readiness and courage, your not-one-toe-in-the-water love, but a dive into the deeps.

    :) Debi

  2. How utterly romantic and exotic and scary. I wish all the best for you. I am also filled with a burning curiosity, who, why, how? A modern fairytale. A love story!
    Istanbul is a magical,interesting and challenging place. I was there many years ago and would love to return one day.

  3. It sounds like your entire life has led you to this point. You are blessed, indeed. Vivid colors in the photos match your vivid emotions. You are so alive...

  4. Oh my goodness, Graciel!! I am so awfully excited for you! How wonderful love is.

  5. Oh Darling,
    You are so correct that love is not easy. You are also correct that it is worth everything...every laugh, every hug and yes, every tear. As the Gypsy King takes you on the journey that has been predicated by the shedding of a person and a lifetime that no longer serves you, remember that amidst the uncertainty lies a beautiful space that is only filled by the love between the two of you.

    Miss and have so much to tell you!
    Much love to you and your King,

  6. Dive in...oh yes Graciel, dive deep into love! Thank goodness you listened to your own true self when she whispered "Go".

  7. *too*amazing*for*words*

    You are SO brave.

    I am SO speechless.

    Smiling tears of joy on behalf of you both :-)


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