Sunday, October 11, 2009

Career Change

My new friend, Yasmine, thinks I can do it. She thinks I can join her belly dance troupe and make scads of money like she does. Just a few lessons, she says, and I'll be jiggling and swaying my way to new found fortune and fame. She recommended the sapphire blue bead-dangled bra and veiled bikini bottom. To highlight my hair and distract from facial hot flashes. (No one will be looking at my face anyway, she says.) But I have to stop eating so much in Turkiye~love handles evidently get in the way of prosperity~ and I have to be totally comfortable with dressing half naked in public. Oh, and I'd have to switch to working at night. Wear more make-up. Tease my hair.

And lose the man.

It's bad for business,she says.


On second thought, I really do enjoy eating, and sleeping in the dark is preferred. (I'm usually yawning by nine). Gobs of make-up isn't my thing, and geez, I hate to exercise. But mostly, losing the man is no option. Not after it took so long to find him.

So, to hell with fortune and fame.

To hell with strange men groping me.

In beads and blue, one man will do.


  1. You know, we can learn belly dancing here in Buffalo...without having to work the streets! I would like an outfit in green or blue, purple is ok too. And, i guess that I will have to stop eating cheese and sweet potato fries so that I don't have any more love handles either.

    Damn, too much work! Can we just have some wine instead and just watch for the entertainment?

  2. wine and watching it is, my darling kasia blue. :)

  3. I opt for the wine and man, too. It's just too short for fame and fortune if you have to give up the best gifts. Love this post!

  4. sugarfreeseer10/12/2009

    Buy the outfit, drink wine, dance for your man in private, no dieting required and the rewards are much better;) Love means never having to worry about love handles!


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