Monday, August 03, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #16

Best Friends Forever

Inspired by: enduring love and friendship. Time and miles mean nothing to the heart.

When your best friend lives an ocean away, letters and phone calls bridge the gap. When your best friend is your cousin and you were both born into 1939 Germany, up near the North Sea, the bond is tight and steadfast. The years between visits are long when one of you lives in America and the other remains in Germany. But when one of you gets cancer, the other one books a flight to walk arm in arm with you wherever you want to go.

And so it was I had the privilege to escort Inge and Elke on their day journey to Canada. Lunch and laughs over dresses for the "twins" was followed by photo-ops at Lake Ontario and barefoot walks through public parks. Niagara Falls was saved for last. With sunshine and full rainbows in the mist 0f the great waters, lingering at the rails was called for. Postcards were bought and kitsch was perused until, at last, the cousins grew tired. Speaking in the language of their girlhood days, they strolled back to the car telling tales of "remember when".

Their is nothing more sweet than timeless love. Nothing more inspiring than the constancy of friends who understand each other, friends who endure all things together, friends who, together, make rainbows and hang the moon.

{My "tante" Inge is the blond, my "mutti" Elke is the brunette.}

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  1. sugarfreeseer8/03/2009

    OMG how cute are they!I'll say 'twins', glad to see Elke is enjoying herself.

  2. Deine Mutti sieht serh gut aus. Und es is sohn so sehn das she wieder zusammen sind.

    Loved this post Graciel. How wonderful to be around two great spirits.

  3. Friends forever. Very sweet. What could be better than that?


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