Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Letter To Esme

My Dearest Esme,

I have been waiting for you. Finally, in the season of sunflowers, you arrive as a herald, ushering in the light ahead of the dawn. Welcome to your beautiful life. Your Mother is one whom, many years ago, I had waited for as well. Like her, you will always live in my heart.

I have no daughter of my own, Esme, but if I did, I would tell her needful things. I will tell these things to you and offer them as a shield and a prayer.

You were born today to heal this world with your love. Your love, found in laughter and bursts of joy and steadfast compassion, is the key that will not only offer healing, but unlock all the treasures you deserve. You deserve every treasure, Esme. You deserve not only the moon and the stars, but good health and friendship and support in all you will do. You deserve the sweet and the savory and the courage to recover from the bitter when it comes. It will come, as it is meant to, to shape you into a more eloquent human being and help you to understand the beauty to be found in all circumstances.

Your heart, Esme, will be your truest companion. Practice paying it close attention. It will speak to you in a language meant only for you. Follow its every calling. Its compass, its barometer, its map will lead you to all roads and connections meant to enrich your soul's earthly adventure. It will always uphold your highest good.

Know you will never be alone. Just as a legion of angels ushered you into the light today, so will they remain with you, ever vigilant, guarding you and lifting you in each moment. Know you are protected and loved by more than human eyes can see, and so it shall be. (However, your legion would care to remind you that common sense and awareness of your surroundings makes angelic duties much easier.)

Most of all, Esme, know you are wanted. By so many people. You matter. You are needed. You will always be loved. I light a candle in your honor today, to welcome your little flame into the hearts of many. Across the miles, I bow to you and look forward to basking in the tenderness of your soul.


{For Esme Alexandra, daughter of my cousin, born August 29, 2009, in the stillness before the dawn.}


  1. My wish for new bay Esme is for a life full of butterfly kisses and sunshine hugs! Congratulations cousin Graciel!

  2. Esme is one of my favourite girl names, along with Esperanza...!
    Congratulations on the addition of such a bright and beautiful light to your family xoxo

  3. susan@80o8/30/2009

    Lovely love letter.


    PS: New name pronunciation for me; I have only heard it pronounced as "Ez-may"---most commonly derived from the Spanish name "Esmeralda," meaning "emerald," so I am sure your new cousin will be a jewel! The name is also attributed to Greek, Latin, and French origins, but less universally.

  4. Oh, how lovely.

    What a blessed soul she is to count you among her relatives ~ and 'dream team' from the very beginning!

    Thank you for sharing this heartfelt tribute with us.

    Indeed, they are words each of us needs to hear.

  5. How blessed is little Esme to have you as her relative, and she was born on the my 60th birthday too!!

    'A very happy birthday Esme, may your life be filled with happiness, peace and plenty!'

  6. i send esme love and light.

  7. What a magnificent tribute! Thank you for the pronunciation of this beautiful name.


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