Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Power Of Love

There is so much power in love. Love is the hiding-in-plain-sight secret to living a powerful life. Not the kind of power that comes from climbing over the backs of hard working people or from manipulating the masses through media-driven scare tactics (hello swine flu), but power that rises from authenticity, and quietly taking charge of one's self. The smallest incidences and choices can be all the lift we truly need to fly forward into a self-powered life if the choices are based in love. Especially love for self.

How do we express more love for self and thereby invoke the lift? We choose to treat ourselves as if we were the longed-for beloved suddenly standing at our door. We revere ourselves and consider our own feelings and needs as if we were serving deities. We think kindly of ourselves, we feed ourselves well, we stop working so damn hard and make more time for fun. We stop wasting endless, mind-numbing hours in front of computer and TV and we invest that time in the making of our own dreams. We listen to the voices within begging for more joy and we go after it with every dancing, exuberant fiber in our being. We stop living the lives that other people tell us to live. We decide we are worth it.

We love ourselves madly and deeply, we use the money available to us to support our truest needs and stop ourselves from frittering our money away, we offer appreciation to everyone who treats us with respect, and we leave the ones who don't behind. We invest ourselves in ourselves. We love ourselves madly and deeply some more. And through this mad love, we lift ourselves to the levels of goodness we deserve. We live each moment as God made us to be and we do not apologize for it. To anyone.

We are as powerful as we decide ourselves to be. We are powerful in direct proportion to the level of consistent love we shine on ourselves. We can make any choice in the world from each moment to the next. Let's get powerful together. Let's fly forward. Let's respect ourselves with the power of love.


  1. Well written, Graciel. It is much easier for us to love others if we feel loved ourselves. Who better to do that than the one who knows us best, ourself. We know best what we need and what will bring us joy.

  2. Beautifully stated - I just shared a link to your lovely blog and post with my Facebook friends. I hope they all come and read these words.

  3. Ahhhh, the power of love....or is that cheese...either way I love this post. It is just what we all need to hear in these days that are filled with negativity and self loathing. Celebrate you and those willing to celebrate with you willhave one heck of a party. much love to you!
    xo Kasia
    p.s. can't wait to go gem shopping with you!

  4. "We choose to treat ourselves as if we were the longed-for beloved suddenly standing at our door"...truer and more beautiful words were never written. I love this post Graciel. Thank you!

  5. This is a special post, Graciel... To be in love with our own lives is the most powerful thing. Thank you for this reminder. Happy Days :o)

  6. Thank you so much for reminding us about the power of love, especially self-love, the greatest healing power of all.

  7. Anonymous8/17/2009

    So beautiful, Graciel. Thank you for this slice of wisdom. :)

    (I hope you are well and shining like that sunflower!)


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