Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Week, Day 2~ Gentle Giants

Happy Week, Day 2~

I am fascinated by horses, yet they make me a little uneasy. I think it's the size and the possible skittishness that gives me pause around these beauties. I don't know enough about them to understand them and their tendencies. So, why then am I most fascinated by the Percherons, those 2,000 pound draft horses? Is it their gentle giant attitude? Is it their knowing they could squash humans like bugs, yet they understand they came here to work with humans and offer the example of how best to channel one's power for only good?

Whatever it is, whatever the captivating energy I sense that permeates these giants, I tell you I feel so darn happy whenever I see them.

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  1. Anonymous8/18/2009

    beautiful patterns on these lovelies!

  2. Wonderful photos Graciel! I kept wanting to pat their noses and say, "Hello Babies"...I realize how big they are, but you are right,they do have this Gentle Giant kind of vibe, don't they?

  3. I love horses, too. They powerful physique is amazing. These are great photos. When I was younger I was so afraid of feeding horses (my best friend had several). I finally mustered the courage and fed Stout, her favorite horse. It was amazing at how gentle he was as he took the food from my palm.

  4. Oh how gorgeous! There is something so appealing about how a very large and powerful animal can be so gentle. These beautiful big silvery grey creatures do seem to capture that energy perfectly!

  5. Until my marriage 5 years ago I had always admired horses from afar, then I became the mama to my husband's amazing Arabian mare and I found a new passion. There is something so therapytic and awe inspiring about caring for a horse. Sadly I had less than two years with her before she died but knowing her was lifechanging. I really hope to be able to raise our coming baby to love & appreciate horses.

    The gentle giants, particularly percherons who seem to have an otherworldly serenity and gypsy banners which look like fairytale horses, hold a special appeal to me. We would love to have a gentle giant someday!

    Love your photos!!

  6. I agree with kenda...they are just so massive, but so patient and loving.

  7. as a child, draft horses, and the percherons in particular, were my personal favs
    i loved to go and see them at the fairs that had livestock and 4H
    huge and a little unnerving in size
    but a big friend i wanted to meet

  8. Beautiful photos. I have also always loved draft horses -- ever since I was a young girl. I couldn't wait for August's Kentucky State Fair where I would see the Belgian mares and their mule offspring. They made me happy! I used to call my Paint horse, Magic, "my Clydesdale" because of his big head and sweet disposition -- sometimes I'd let his fetlock hairs grow out so they'd get all long and fluffy. Thanks for this memory! Happy Wednesday!


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