Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #19

Oh, how I love animals!

Inspired by: Goats. Because they're cute and loaded with personality. But mostly because their milk turns into the most delicious cheese! Goat cheese mixed with caramelized onions on homemade pizza or my latest craving~ sea salt, oregano, and goat cheese on home grown tomatoes. I heart the gourmet goat!

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  1. What a beautiful blog!

    I'm a big fan of goats too ;)

    Much love and deep peace to you friend,


  2. Aww, aren't they cute?? I want one!

    Hugs - Kathy

  3. AAWW! They are so cute! I love animals too and reading this has made me so hungry.

  4. Such kind eyes. They really look into your soul, don't they?


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