Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Pennies In The Pool

"The most worthwhile things in this world take patience and time to ripen.The most beautiful things do not follow a set schedule or demand or even a heartfelt hope. They have a Universal time of their own to manifest. And in the end, which is really the beginning, the timing will be more perfect than could ever have been dreamed of."

These are words I wrote a while back. I found them again. Just as I needed them, right on time. I'm less scared today about my dreams, their timing, and my spotty focus and efforts to manifest them. After confessing my fears to willing ears, after time spent in silent contemplation during rainfall, I am soothed.

I am now less inclined to feel pressured to keep up with the crowd, or to be anywhere other than where I am right now. And I see clearly, I have been moving forward in my quest for dreams realized. In the space allowed between the demands of a full time job and the joyful responsibilities to family and friends, I have taken successive steps and actions to move my dreams forward. Even while afraid.

Today I hung new frames with new photographs around my home. Each photo is mine. Such a simple yet profound action to boost my morale and give lift to my wings. I could finally do this. I could finally demonstrate my own value to myself. It is enough for today. It is more pennies in the pool, one copper disc after another on my way to perfectly timed dreams.


  1. those words! they just soothe me. and the act of hanging your own art is one of the true joys of life.

  2. I know just what you mean about hanging your own art work in your home...I did the same thing just 18 months ago and it was a HUGE step in accepting and valuing myself as an "artist" and a creator of beauty.

    It's an amazing journey...this learning to believe in the brilliance and wonder that we are!

  3. I've always known that you are amazing, and now you are starting to believe that the relection in the mirror, the picture of you, is worthy for the world. As you know, I too share your angst in the true belief that we are "worthy enough". We must trust that we are worthy, even when we feel as if we shouldn't...when everyone around us says that we are lost. Your pennies have a ripple effect...each time you make a wish, you start a movement in the water. With enough pennies, you will start a wave...

  4. I love this, sweetie. I adore the words you wrote and found, just when your heart needed them most.
    When you walk past your beautiful photographs, inhale deeply and say out loud- I took these ; ) And beam... Beam with the sweetest, of pride.


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