Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Direction

Here's what we're going to do. You and me. We're going to invoke a new direction in our lives. We're going to make some overdue changes. Even if we think we don't have a clue as to what to do or where to go next. Let's be honest, things aren't working out like they used to. Circumstances have become uncomfortable. Our usual routines leave us depleted. We are not as happy as we could be, should be, deserve to be. So let's figure this out. One picture at a time.

Step one: clear off your refrigerator door. Or your bedroom closet door. Or some big surface you faithfully stare at every single day.

Step two: think. Day dream. Pay ridiculously close attention to things and places and people and ideas that make your heart skip a beat. I don't care how far-fetched these thoughts are. I care even less if your devil-brain tells you "it ain't never gonna happen, so stop wasting time even thinking of it". We are on a mission to get us some glory in this life. Devil brain be damned.

Step three: find, make or print out pictures of those far-fetched dreams and ideas. Search high and low, if you must. Ruin magazines. Run the ink on your printer bone dry. Resurrect photos from that musty box. Beg, borrow, steal. Just get your hands on the best possible images of your dream-in-the-making.

Step four: get theses images of your future glory up on the big surface of your choice.( Make that 2 surfaces for me~ fridge door and bedroom closet door.) Arrange your images in such a manner you cannot help but smile~big and wide~ every single time you pass them by. If you don't smile and your heart doesn't flutter, get better pictures. Or dream bigger dreams. This is no time to be thinking small.

Step five: visualize, visualize, visualize. Visualize some more. Look at your dream journal every time you walk in that room. Smile and say out loud, "YES!". Do this over and over and over and over.

Step six: watch for the signs that start throwing themselves in your path that lead you one increment closer to your dreams. Feel your gut twist anew as directions and paths and impulses begin begging you to follow. Jot down the incoming strokes of sheer genius that tumble into your brain (spontaneously!) about what you can do next for yourself to further your cause.

Step seven: act on all signs and impulses and strokes of sheer genius. Act, act, ACT. All the while, keep visualizing. Get up off the ground when you land on your face. Do not be too proud to ask for help. Tolerate no bullshit. Keep smiling.

Step eight: do not believe your dreams for a more glorious life can come true. KNOW your dreams can come true. To know is more powerful than to believe. To believe leaves room for doubt. And there is no doubt, you and me, we deserve the most glorious life.

{What's on my fridge? Why, an 8x10 picture of the Gypsy King of Babylon and me in Istanbul, of course! }


  1. I am in. My dream moves out of head and into my life.

    Will keep you updated.

    :) Debi

  2. To know your dreams will come true. I never thought of it quite like that. Thanks for you inspiring and wonderful post.

  3. Thanks, Graciel. You're just the best, you know. I keep seeing my dreams slipping out of my fingers like they are a mist or fog. Can't get a hold on them. They always seem to be just out of my reach. I needed this. Something concrete to hold on to. Hugs to you.

  4. Love it.....DOING IT!


  5. I'm doing it! when I was in my twenties and struggling, I had a vision board on my closet door. when I would open my eyes each morning, there it was. sometimes that was the best part of my day (um, major clue!).

  6. HA, fun instructions but you know....if you follow them, they will work!!!
    I've been reading on Google reader but not commenting anywhere as much these days.
    You are transformed.... glowing and full of fire! Love your tales of Istanbul,the Gypsy King and possibilities. xo

  7. you are right as usual...
    knowing and accepting is the battle....
    Thank you for putting it into black and white for me. As you know, sometimes things get lost in translation in the quagmire of my brain.

  8. This is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much Graciel....I'm off to find my scissors & glue! I'll post photos soon....

    Hugs for you & yours...


  9. OMG!!!

    I LOVE THIS!!!

    It is perfectly timed and relevant for the energy I am needing right now!

    And *very* consistent with the theme and energy of this week's New Moon.


    I am considering *radical* purging of 'stuff' around here.

    Thanks for leading the way!!!

  10. Vision board!!! I love it. I stare at mine everyday. I shall add to it today, thanks Graciel. xox

  11. Anonymous11/23/2009

    Hi, I found your post on Owl omens and am posting a question on your most recent post per your request.

    I have lived in the same place for six months. Last night I heard an owl hooting for the first time. It was a bit soothing (although it kept waking me up). My mom died a year ago and my nephew took his own life about six weeks ago. I dreamt about my nephew last night. We weren't very close as while he was growing up, I was in other state and my sister and I didn't really get along. My mom and I were very close. In fact, I took care of her the last year and a half of her life and was holding her hand as she left this world. I miss my mom everyday.

    Other things in my life: I am frustrated with my job. My boss is cheap and works his employees into the ground. I am looking for another job with benefits and the pay I deserve.

    Financially, I have struggled and was even homeless for a while after my mom died. I love where I live now. It's in the country in Northern California.

    I've become somewhat introverted over the last few years and don't socialize much.

    Any insight you could offer is appreciated. Maybe it was simply an owl hooting and I'm reading too much into this...or maybe it held some significance.

  12. Dear Anonymous~
    Perhaps, for you, the owl came to 'wake you up' to the strength you have within you. Are you hiding away your compassion(as you clearly possessed/demonstrated with your Mom)and the gifts only YOU can bring to this world? Listen closely to the wisdom within you, calls the owl. If you honor yourself by listening to the smallest requests from your body and heart, and then acting on those requests, you will be led to a more fulfilling life and likely, a more loving job. Your nephew was not able to honor himself. Be SURE to honor your self. Give yourself as much compassion as you lavished on your Mom. You deserve no less.

    If the owl call was soothing and not frightening to you, it brings to your awareness that THE most soothing thing for you will be to follow your own wisdom. You DO know what to do. Don't doubt. Follow the wisdom of your own heart.

    I have no doubt your Mom is still with you, doing her best to return to you the strength you gave her for her transition.


    I'm at :)

  13. Graciel...... 'Your're a STAR!!'

  14. This is powerful...Thank you!

  15. i really like this!
    i love it!
    count me in!


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