Monday, November 09, 2009

Berlin Wall~ 20 Years Gone

Three and a half years ago, I went to Berlin. To this day, it remains my favorite city. On this 20th anniversary of the peaceful collapse of injustice, I remember standing in front of the wall-turned-outdoor-art-gallery. I remember how that changed me. I remember my soul woke up in Berlin.

May, 2006~
"Berlin is changing me. I am not yet clear as to how, but I trust it will be revealed as the days and weeks progress. Perhaps it has to do with being in a city once devastated and divided, that is now reinventing itself in earnest. It is a city of contrast: East Berlin is the stark masculine, West Berlin is the lush feminine. With the artificial barrier between the yin and yang removed, the city is a metaphor for all aspects of humanity seeking balance. It is not easy. It requires intense work, as seen in the massive construction surging in East Berlin. And it takes time.

The seat of knowledge and power is surely in the East-again, the masculine energy- as witnessed by the mind-blowing museums and the House of Parliament. The breath of creativity and welcoming is in the West- the feminine energy- as witnessed by the trees, the retail display art and the plethora of sidewalk cafes. Each end has so much to offer and each is necessary for wholeness, just as each human being requires both aspects within themselves to be whole and sane and divinely functional."


  1. Never been there, yet it's close enough for a long weekend there. In a way I'm not so attracted to Berlin don't know why. But I'm so gladd the wall is down, ever ever should anything like this happen again. No More Walls says the picture. Great Job Graciel.

  2. this day changed the whole world-the impact it had on you is as great as the event itself....
    as the impact it had on my husband-or myself :)

    wonderful observations!


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