Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Days Of Gratitude~ 1

Grateful For:

the courage to love.

the courage to risk.

the strength to let go.

{The days of gratitude are inspired by my colorful blogging friend, Curious Girl.}


  1. Oh, this is perfect.

  2. Anonymous11/24/2009

    It seems all I do anymore is drive back and forth from where my mother stays (60 miles away), or be on the phone with various Medicare people.

    But, I do have time/ am making time/ am privileged to take time to tell you I am grateful for your always vulnerable, therefore always enlightening, blog. "Always" is the key word there.

    And then you find time to encourage others besides crafting such good stuff..!

    Blessings. Thanksgiving Blessings. Thanksgiving still has some dignity, y'know? The merchandisers will succeed one day in ruining it like they've ruined Christmas, but for now there is honor and restful transcendence associated with it, so I hope Thanksgiving follows you all over the place this coming year!


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